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Varying Hare
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Scottish poet
(1759 - 1796)
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As Tammie glow'red, amazed and curious,
  The mirth and fun grew fast and furious.
      - Tam o' Shanter [Merriment]

His ancient, trusty, drouthy crony,
  Tam lo'ed him like a vera brither--
    They had been fou for weeks thegither!
      - Tam o' Shanter [Friends]

Kings may be blest, but Tam was glorious,
  O'er a' the ills o' life victorious.
      - Tam o' Shanter [Victory]

Nae man can tether time or tide.
      - Tam o' Shanter [Time]

That hour o' night's black arch the keystane.
      - Tam o' Shanter [Midnight]

The landlord's laugh was ready chorus.
      - Tam o' Shanter [Laughter]

Inspiring bold John Barleycorn,
  What dangers thou canst make us scorn!
    Wi' tippenny, we fear nae evil;
      Wi' usquebae, we'll face the devil!
      - Tam o' Shanter (l. 105) [Drinking : Proverbs]

But pleasures are like poppies spread;
  You seize the flower, its bloom is shed.
    Or like the snow falls in the river,
      A moment white--then melts forever.
      - Tam o' Shanter (l. 59) [Pleasure]

Nursing her wrath to keep it warm.
      - Tam o'Shanter (l. 12) [Anger]

Ah, gentle dames! it gars we greet,
  To think how mony consels sweet,
    How mony lengthened, sage advices,
      The husband frae the wife despises.
      - Tam o'Shanter (l. 33) [Advice]

The landlady and Tam grew gracious
  Wi' favours secret, sweet and precious.
      - Tam o'Shanter (st. 7) [Wooing]

Ye banks and braes o' bonny Doon,
  How can ye bloom sae fresh and fair;
    How can ye chant, ye little birds,
      And I sae weary fu' o' care!
      - The Banks o' Doon [Doon River]

Farewell, my friends! farewell, my foes!
  My peace with these, my love with those.
    The bursting tears my heart declare;
      Farewell, the bonnie banks of Ayr.
      - The Banks of Ayr [Ayr River : Rivers]

Now simmer blinks on flowery braes,
  And o'er the crystal streamlet plays.
      - The Birks of Aberfeldy [Summer]

Comin' through the rye, poor body,
  Comin' through the rye,
    She draigl't a' her petticoatie,
      Comin' through the rye
        . . . .
          Gin a body meet a body
            Comin' through the rye,
              Gin a body kiss a body
                Need a body cry?
      - The Bob-tailed Lass,
        taken from an old song [Kisses]

And wild-scatter'd cowslips bedeck the green dale.
      - The Chevalier's Lament [Cowslips]

Gars auld claes look amaist as weel's the new.
      - The Cotter's Saturday Night [Apparel]

He wakes a portion with judicious care;
  And "Let us worship God!" he says, with solemn air.
      - The Cotter's Saturday Night (st. 12)

At length his lonely cot appears in view,
  Beneath the shelter of an aged tree;
    Th' expectant wee-things, toddling, stacher thro'
      To meet their Dad, wi' flichterin noise an' glee.
      - The Cotter's Saturday Night (st. 3) [Home]

They never sought in vain that sought the Lord aright!
      - The Cotter's Saturday Night (st. 6)

Beneath the milk-white thorn that scents the evening pale.
      - The Cotter's Saturday Night (st. 9)

Cursed be the man, the poorest wretch in life,
  The crouching vassal, to the tyrant wife,
    Who has no will but by her high permission;
      Who has not sixpence but in her possession;
        Who must to her his dear friend's secret tell;
          Who dreads a curtain lecture worse than hell.
            Were such the wife had fallen to my part,
              I'd break her spirit or I'd break her heart.
      - The Henpecked Husband [Matrimony]

There's some are fou o' love divine,
  There's some are fou' o' brandy.
      - The Holy Fair (st. 30) [Drinking]

I'll pu' the budding rose, when Phoebus peeps in view,
  For its like a baumy kiss o'er her sweet bonnie mou'!
      - The Posie [Roses]

Some hae meat, and canna eat,
  And some wad eat that want it;
    But we hae meat, and we can eat,
      And sae the Lord be thankit.
      - The Selkirk Grace,
        as often attributed to him, but probably not his

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