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American clergyman
(1844 - 1926)

Blessed be God for His unspeakable gift, We need Him. Souls desire Him as the hart panteth after the water brooks. He came to the world in the fullness of time. He comes at this advent season to us. To-day may be for some soul here the fullness of time. Let us open the gates and admit Him, that this Christ may be our Christ forever; that living with Him and dying with Him, we may also be glorified together with Him.
      - [Christmas]

No, there is nothing that should hinder the praises of God's sons and daughters on Thanksgiving Day. We are much too prone to sadness; not overserious, but overmelancholy. In the Talmud we are told of a stringed instrument that hung over King David's bed in such a position that when the pleasant north winds blew in the night it sounded sweetly of itself; "and he forthwith arose and occupied himself with the law until he saw the pillars of the dawn." Our lives are environed with God's goodness. We sleep in the midst of untouched harps of blessing. Let us arise and sweep their strings on this Thanksgiving Day.
      - [Thanksgiving Day]

Poor, but independent, not frilled and powdered, but armed mightily with the sword of the Spirit, and with purpose of freedom pulsating at the very centers of their hearts--these were the men whom God had chosen for the settlement of this land. For a hundred years He had kept the new world waiting until they should be ready to possess it.
      - [Forefathers Day]

They believed, and truly, that the strength of Romanism in religion, as well as its despotism in politics, lay in the ignorance of the people; and they sought the freedom which is grander than they knew in the education of all the people, while they sought to inculcate a sense of supreme personal obligation to God. Hence came free churches and free schools, the essential elements of the free state. Hence the Puritan aristocracy, not of birth but of character, because the American republic, with vitality to assimilate the incoming multitudes of all nations.
      - [Forefathers Day]

What then is the conclusion of the matter? The destinies of the American people are practically in the grasp of a group of less than twenty liquor dealers! Were it not for certain moral restraints put upon this formidable power by public sentiment the outlook would be as black as midnight. As it is it behooves every lover of law and order and national prosperity to use his utmost influence against the dramshop. It is not for us at this point either to call in question or to concede the right of the individual to take a social or even a convivial glass. We are not talking about rights, but about Christian duties and privileges. There is one right which in the Christian life towers above all others; it is the right to surrender all rights for the sake of one's fellow men. This is the mind that was in Christ Jesus, who, possessing all the inalienable rights of Godhead, emptied himself and became of no reputation for us. This the mind that was in the Apostle Paul also when he said, "If meat make my brother to offend, I will eat no meat while the world standeth!" Never was a grander manifesto of human rights--never a sublimer declaration of independence than that! Oh, young men, to whom the welfare of the nation is presently to be committed, be "on duty" just there.
      - [Prohibition]

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