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Varying Hare
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Alexandrian epic poet
(c. 365 - after 408)
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A far greater warfare lies hidden under this assumed peace.
      - [Proverbs]

Alas, by what trivial causes is greatness overthrown!
      - [Proverbs]

Clemency alone makes us equal to the gods.
      - [Clemency]

Consider not what may do, but what it will become you to do.
      - [Proverbs]

He who seeks to terrify others is more in fear himself.
      - [Proverbs]

He who strikes terror into others is himself in continual fear.
      - [Tyranny]

Here is a fine field for talent.
      - [Proverbs]

In sleep, when fancy is let loose to play,
  Our dreams repeat the wishes of the day.
      - [Dreams]

Liberty begets license.
      - [Proverbs]

Luxury, that alluring pest with fair forehead, which, yielding always to the will of the body, throws a deadening influence over the senses, and weakens the limbs more than the drugs of Circe's cup.
      - [Luxury]

Men live best on moderate means: Nature has dispensed to all men wherewithal to be happy, if mankind did but understand how to use her gifts.
      - [Blessings : Temperance]

Men live best upon a little; Nature has given to all the privilege of being happy, if they but knew how to use their gifts.
      - [Blessings : Economy : Temperance]

Nature has granted to all to be happy, if we did but know how to use her benefits.
      - [Happiness]

Nature has placed his own happiness in each man's hands, if he only knew how to use it.
      - [Proverbs]

Nothing is more obnoxious than a low person raised to a high position.
      - [Proverbs]

Power call achieve more by gentle means than by violence.
      - [Proverbs]

The best manners are stained by haughtiness.
      - [Proverbs]

They are raised on high that their fall may be the greater.
      - [Proverbs]

Nor is heaven always at peace.
  [Lat., Nec sidera pacem
    Semper habent.]
      - De Bello Getico (LXII) [Peace]

He is next to the gods whom reason, and not passion, impels; and who, after weighing the facts, can measure the punishment with discretion.
  [Lat., Diis proximus ille est
    Quem ratio non ira movet: qui factor rependens
      Consilio punire potest.]
      - De Consulatu Malii Theodori Panygyris
         (CCXXVII) [Punishment]

Power can do by gentleness that which violence fails to accomplish; and calmness best enforces the imperial mandate.
  [Lat., Peragit tranquilla potestas
    Quod violenta nequit; mandataque fortius urget
      Imperiosa quies.]
      - De Consulatu Mallii Theodori Panegyris
         (CCXXXIX) [Gentleness]

Virtue is indeed its own reward.
  [Lat., Ipsa quidem pretium virtus sibi.]
      - De Consulatu Mallii--Theodorii Panegyris
         (V, I) [Virtue]

Expel avarice, the mother of all wickedness, who, always thirsty for more, opens wide her jaws for gold.
  [Lat., Ac primam scelerum matrem, quae semper habendo
    Plus sitiens patulis rimatur faucibus aurum,
      Trudis Avaritiam.]
      - De Laudibus Stilichonis (II, 111)

That man is deceived who thinks it slavery to live under an excellent prince. Never does liberty appear in a more gracious form than under a pious king.
  [Lat., Fallitur egregio quisquis sub principe credet
    Servitutem. Nunquam libertas gratior extat
      Quam sub rege pio.]
      - De Laudibus Stilichonis (III, 113)

The leaves live but to love, and in all the lofty grove the happy trees love each his neighbor.
  [Lat., Vivunt in venerum frondes omnisque vicissim
    Felix arbor amat; mutant ad mutua palmae
      - De Nuptiis Honorii et Marioe (LXV) [Love]

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