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Varying Hare
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English poet, scholar, writer and patriot
(1608 - 1674)
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O welcome pure-ey'd Faith, white-handed Hope,
  Thou hovering angel, girt with golden wings!
      - Comus (l. 213) [Faith]

Was I deceiv'd, or did a sable cloud
  Turn forth her silver lining on the night?
      - Comus (l. 22) [Clouds]

There does a sable cloud
  Turn forth her silver lining on the night,
    And casts a gleam over this tufted grove.
      - Comus (l. 223) [Clouds]

Can any mortal mixture of earth's mould
  Breathe such divine enchanting ravishment?
      - Comus (l. 244) [Music]

How sweetly did they float upon the wings
  Of silence through the empty-vaulted night,
    At every fall smoothing the raven down
      Of darkness till it smiled!
      - Comus (l. 249) [Angels]

Who, as they sung, would take the prison'd soul
  And lap it in Elysium.
      - Comus (l. 256) [Singing]

But such a sacred and home-felt delight,
  Such sober certainty of waking bliss,
    I never heard till now.
      - Comus (l. 262) [Bliss]

It were a journey like the path to heaven,
  To help you find them.
      - Comus (l. 302) [Heaven]

Shepherd, I take thy word,
  And trust thy honest offer'd courtesy,
    Which oft is sooner found in lowly sheds
      With smoky rafters, than in tap'stry halls,
        And courts of princes.
      - Comus (l. 322) [Courtesy]

Eye me, blest Providence, and square my trial
  To my proportion'd strength.
      - Comus (l. 329) [Providence]

Unmuffle, ye faint stars; and thou fair moon,
  That wont'st to love the traveller's benison,
    Stoop thy pale visage through an amber cloud,
      And disinherit Chaos.
      - Comus (l. 331) [Moon]

Chaos, that reigns here
  In double night of darkness and of shades.
      - Comus (l. 334) [Chaos]

With thy long levell'd rule of streaming light.
      - Comus (l. 340) [Light]

What need a man forestall his date of grief,
  And run to meet what he would most avoid?
      - Comus (l. 362) [Grief]

Virtue could see to do what Virtue would
  By her own radiant light, though sun and moon
    Were in the flat sea sunk.
      - Comus (l. 373) [Virtue]

And Wisdom's self
  Oft seeks to sweet retired solitude,
    Where, with he best nurse, Contemplation,
      She plumes her feathers, and lets grow her wings,
        That in the various bustle of resort
          Were all too ruffled, and sometimes impaired.
      - Comus (l. 375) [Solitude]

He that has light within his own clear breast
  May sit i' the centre, and enjoy bright day:
    But he that hides a dark soul and foul thoughts
      Benighted walks under the mid-day sun;
        Himself his own dungeon.
      - Comus (l. 381) [Character : Conscience : Light]

The unsunn'd heaps
  Of miser's treasures.
      - Comus (l. 398) [Misers]

Danger will wink on opportunity.
      - Comus (l. 401) [Opportunity]

Yet, where an equal poise of hope and fear
  Does arbitrate the event, my nature is
    That I incline to hope rather than fear,
      And gladly banish squint suspicion.
      - Comus (l. 410) [Character]

'Tis chastity, my brother, chastity;
  She that has that is clad in complete steel,
    And, like a quiver'd nymph with arrows keen,
      May trace huge forests, and unharbour'd heaths,
        Infamous hills, and sandy perilous wilds;
          Where, through the sacred rays of chastity,
            No savage fierce, bandite, or mountaineer,
              Will dare to soil her virgin purity.
      - Comus (l. 420) [Chastity]

So dear to Heaven is saintly chastity,
  That, when a soul is found sincerely so,
    A thousand liveried angels lacky her,
      Driving far off each thing of sin and guilt.
      - Comus (l. 453) [Chastity]

Above the smoke and stir of this dim spot
  Which men call Earth.
      - Comus (l. 5) [World]

Who knows not Circe,
  The daughter of the Sun, whose charmed cup
    Whoever tasted, lost his upright shape,
      And downward fell into a groveling swine?
      - Comus (l. 50) [Gods]

Unbelief is blind.
      - Comus (l. 519) [Unbelief]

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