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Varying Hare
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English poet, scholar, writer and patriot
(1608 - 1674)
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  Grinned horrible a ghastly smile, to hear
    His famine should be filled.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. II, l. 845) [Death]

On a sudden open fly
  With impetutous recoil and jarring sound
    Th' infernal doors, and on their hinges grate
      Harsh thunder.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. II, l. 879) [Hell]

Where eldest Night
  And Chaos, ancestors of nature, hold
    Eternal anarchy, amidst the noise
      Of endless wars, and by confusion stand.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. II, l. 894) [Night]

When the scourge
  Inexorable, and the torturing hour
    Calls us to penance.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. II, l. 90) [Repentance]

Next him high arbiter
  Chance governs all.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. II, l. 909) [Chance]

Into this wild abyss,
  The womb of Nature and perhaps her grave.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. II, l. 910) [Nature]

Sable-vested Night, eldest of things.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. II, l. 962) [Night]

For such a numerous host
  Fled not in silence through the frighted deep
    With ruin upon ruin, rout on rout,
      Confusion worse confounded.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. II, l. 993) [Ruin]

Hail, holy light! offspring of heaven firstborn!
  Or of th' eternal co-eternal beam,
    May I express thee unblam'd? since God is light
      And never but in unapproached light
        Dwelt from eternity, dwelt then in thee,
          Bright effluence of bright essence increate!
      - Paradise Lost (bk. III, l. 1) [Light]

The rising world of waters dark and deep.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. III, l. 11) [Water]

Say, heavenly pow'rs, where shall we find such love?
  Which of ye will be mortal to redeem
    Man's mortal crime, and just th' unjust to save.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. III, l. 213)

And now without redemption all mankind
  Must have been lost, adjudged to death and hell
    By doom severe.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. III, l. 222)

Though throned in highest bliss
  Equal to God, and equally enjoying
    God-like fruition.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. III, l. 305)

When thou attended gloriously from heaven,
  Shalt in the sky appear, and from thee send
    Thy summoning archangels to proclaim
      Thy dread tribunal.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. III, l. 323) [Judgment]

See golden days, fruitful of golden deeds,
  With joy and love triumphing.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. III, l. 336) [Deeds]

Immortal amaranth, a flower which once
  In Paradise, fast by the Tree of Life,
    Began to bloom, but soon for Man's offence,
      To heav'n remov'd, where it first grew, there grows,
        And flow'rs aloft shading the fount of life.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. III, l. 353)

Thoughts that voluntary move
  Harmonious numbers.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. III, l. 37) [Thought]

Dark with excessive bright.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. III, l. 380) [Light]

Thus with the year
  Seasons return, but not to me returns
    Day, or the sweet approach of even or morn,
      Or sight of vernal bloom, or summer's rose,
        Or flocks, or herds, or human face divine;
          But cloud instead, and ever-during dark
            Surrounds me, from the cheerful ways of men
              Cut off, and for the book of knowledge fair
                Presented with a universal blank
                  Of Nature's works to me expunged and rased,
                    And wisdom at one entrance quite shut out.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. III, l. 40) [Nature]

A boundless continent,
  Dark, waste, and wild, under the frown of night
    Starless expos'd.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. III, l. 423) [World]

Human face divine.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. III, l. 44) [Face]

A limbo large and broad, since call'd
  The Paradise of Fools to few unknown.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. III, l. 495) [Paradise]

The greater luminary
  Aloof the vulgar constellations thick,
    That from his lordly eye keep distance due,
      Dispenses light from far.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. III, l. 576) [Sun]

That stone, . . .
  Philosophers in vain so long have sought.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. III, l. 600)

Brightest seraph, tell
  In which of all these shining orbs hath man
    His fixed seat, or fixed seat hath none,
      But all these shining orbs his choice to dwell.
      - Paradise Lost (bk. III, l. 667) [Stars]

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