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English writer
(1745 - 1833)
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Where bright imagination reigns, the fine-wrought spirit feels acuter pains.
      - [Sensibility]

Where evil may be done, it is right to ponder; where only suffered, know the shortest pause is much too long.
      - [Evil]

Who flatters is of all mankind the lowest,
  Save he who courts the flattery.
      - [Flattery]

Wisdom views with an indifferent eye all finite joys, all blessings born to die.
      - [Wisdom]

Yes, thou art ever present, power supreme!
  Not circumscribed by time, nor fixt to space,
    Confined to altars, nor to temples bound.
      In wealth, in want, in freedom or in chains,
        In dungeons or on thrones, the faithful find thee!
      - [Providence]

Fell luxury! more perilous to youth
  Than storms or quicksands, poverty of chains.
      - Belshazzar [Luxury]

Imagination frames events unknown,
  In wild, fanastic shapes of hideous ruin,
    And what it fears creates.
      - Belshazzar (pt. II) [Fear]

If faith produce no works, I see
  That faith is not a living tree.
    Thus faith and works together grow;
      No separate life they e'er can know:
        They're soul and body, hand and heart:
          What God hath joined, let no man part.
      - Dan and Jane [Faith]

No adulation; 'tis the death of virtue;
  Who flatters, is of all mankind the lowest
    Save he who courts the flattery.
      - Daniel [Flattery]

A crown! what is it?
  It is to bear the miseries of a people!
    To hear their murmurs, feel their discontents,
      And sink beneath a load of splendid care!
      - Daniel (pt. VI) [Kings : Royalty]

O jealousy,
  Thou ugliest fiend of hell! thy deadly venom
    Preys on my vitals, turns the healthful hue
      Of my flesh cheek to haggard sallowness,
        And drinks my spirit up!
      - David and Goliath (pt. V) [Jealousy]

The roses of pleasure seldom last long enough to adorn the brow of him who plucks them; for they are the only roses which do not retain their sweetness after they have lost their beauty.
      - Essays on Various Subjects--On Dissipation

For if a young lady has that discretion and modesty, without which all knowledge is little worth, she will never make an ostentatious parade of it, because she will rather be intent on acquiring more, than on displaying what she has.
      - Essays on Various Subjects--Thoughts on Conversation

That silence is one of the great arts of conversation is allowed by Cicero himself, who says, there is not only an art, but even an eloquence in it.
      - Essays on Various Subjects--Thoughts on Conversation

Luxury and dissipation, soft and gentle as their approaches are, and silently as they throw their silken chains about the heart, enslave it more than the most active and turbulent vices.
      - Essays--Dissipation [Luxury]

In men this blunder still you find,
  All think their little set mankind.
      - Florio (pt. I) [Conceit]

Small habits, well pursued betimes,
  May reach the dignity of crimes.
      - Florio (pt. I) [Habit : Proverbs]

He liked those literary cooks
  Who skim the cream of others' books;
    And ruin half an author's graces
      By plucking bon-mots from their places.
      - Florio, the Bas Blue [Plagiarism]

How short is human life! the very breath
  Which frames my words accelerates my death.
      - King Hezekiah [Death]

O sad estate
  Of human wretchedness; so weak is man,
    So ignorant and blind, that did not God
      Sometimes withhold in mercy what we ask,
        We should be ruined at our own request.
      - Moses in the Bulrushes (pt. I) [Prayer]

Since trifles make the sum of human things,
  And half our misery from our foibles springs;
    Since life's best joys consist in peace and ease,
      And though but few can serve, yet all may please;
        On, let th' ungentle spirit learn from hence,
          A small unkindness is a great offence.
      - Sensibility [Unkindness]

Subduing and subdued, the petty strife,
  Which clouds the colour of domestic life;
    The sober comfort, all the peace which springs
      From the large aggregate of little things;
        On these small cares of daughter, wife of friend,
          The almost sacred joys of home depend.
      - Sensibility [Home]

To those who know thee not, no words can paint;
  And those who know thee, know all words are faint!
      - Sensibility [Character]

Prompt sense of equity! to thee belongs
  The swift redress of unexamined wrongs!
    Eager to serve, the cause perhaps untried,
      But always apt to choose the suffering side!
      - Sensibility (l. 243) [Justice]

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