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Varying Hare
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English soldier, author, poet and courtier
(1554 - 1586)
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When it shall please God to bring thee to man's estate, use great providence and circumspection in choosing thy wife. For from thence will spring all thy future good or evil; and it is an action of life, like unto a stratagem of war; wherein a man can err but once!
      - [Matrimony]

Whether your time calls you to live or die, do both like a prince.
      - [Duty]

Who doth desire that chaste his wife should be, first be he true, for truth doth truth deserve.
      - [Chastity]

Who shoots at the midday sun, though he be sure he shall never hit the mark, yet as sure he is that he shall shoot higher than he who aims but at a bush.
      - [Excelsior]

Who will adhere to him that abandons himself?
      - [Self-respect]

Who will ever give counsel, if the counsel be judged by the event, and if it be not found wise, shall therefore be thought wicked?
      - [Advice]

Wickedness may well b compared to a bottomless pit, into which it is easier to keep one's self from falling, then, being fallen, to give one's self any stay from falling infinitely.
      - [Wickedness]

Woman was formed to admire; man to be admirable. His are the glories of the sun at noonday; hers the softened splendors of the midnight moon.
      - [Quality]

You will never live to my age without you keep yourself in breath with exercise.
      - [Exercise]

Youth will never live to age unless they keep themselves in breath with exercise, and in heart with joyfulness.
      - [Cheerfulness]

O you virtuous owle,
  The wise Minerva's only fowle.
      - A Remedy for Love (l. 77) [Owls]

In ashes of despaire, though burnt, shall make thee live.
      - Arcadia [Fire]

Making a perpetual mansion of this poor baiting place.
      - Arcadia [World]

Knitting and withal singing, and it seemed that her voice comforted her hands to work.
      - Arcadia (bk. I) [Songs]

There is no man suddenly either excellently good or extremely evil, but grows either as he holds himself up in virtue or lets himself slide to viciousness.
      - Arcadia (bk. I) [Character : Wickedness]

Many-headed multitude.
      - Arcadia (bk. II) [Public]

My dear, my better half.
      - Arcadia (bk. III) [Wives]

So when thou saw'st in nature's cabinet
  Stella thou straight'st look'st babies in her eyes.
      - Astrophel and Stella [Eyes]

They love indeed who quake to say they love.
      - Astrophel and Stella (LIV) [Love]

Have I caught my heav'nly jewel.
      - Astrophel and Stella (song II) [Success]

Come, Sleep: O, Sleep! the certain knot of peace,
  The baiting place of wit, the balm of woe,
    The poor man's wealth, the prisoner's release,
      Th' indifferent judge between the high and low.
      - Astrophel and Stella (st. 39) [Sleep]

Take thou of me, sweet pillowes, sweetest bed;
  A chamber deafe of noise, and blind of light,
    A rosie garland and a weary hed.
      - Astrophel and Stella (st. 39) [Sleep]

With how sad steps, O moon, thou climb'st the skies!
  How silently, and with how wan a face!
      - Astrophel and Stella--Sonnet XXXI [Moon]

Who shootes at the midday Sunne, though he be sure, he shall never hit the marke; yet as sure as his is, he shall shoot higher than who ayms but at a bush.
      - Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia
         (p. 118 (ed. 1638)) [Success]

Sweet food of sweetly uttered knowledge.
      - Defence of Poesy [Knowledge]

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