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It is certainly not desirable that improper persons should take the sacrament of the Lord's Supper; but there are many who injure their spiritual characters and diminish their spiritual enjoyment by failing to obey the request of our dying Lord. About to die, He tenderly asked every man who believed that He was dying for the world to do this in remembrance of Him. It is a most simple request; the observance of it in a similar spirit would increase the joy and power of all who wish well the cause of Christianity.
      - [Communion]

It is encouraging to know that in so many places there is a growing tendency to purchase so-called waste lands and to hold them for the enjoyment of the people. We call to mind another region in Connecticut where the villagers are united in their interest to preserve all the rural charms of the neighborhood. Miles of highway have been purchased with no other purpose than to allow nature to frolic in her own free way by the roadside. Forests have been bought that they might be held for public enjoyment, and the feeling of the community is strong for the preservation of all wild spots which will help to satisfy the desire for beauty and repose.
      - [Arbor Day]

It's difficult to drain the swamp when you're up to your ass in alligators.
      - [Difficulties]

Justice offers nothing but what may be accepted with honor; and lays claim to nothing in return but what we ought not even to wish to withhold.
      - [Justice]

Keep your face to the sun and the shadows will fall behind.
      - [Face]

Kircher, the astronomer, having an acquaintance who denied the existence of a Supreme Being; took the following method to convince him of his error. Expecting him on a visit, he placed a handsome celestial globe in a part of the room where it could not escape the notice of his friend, who, on observing it, inquired whence it came, and who was the maker. "It was not made by any person," said the astronomer. "That is impossible," replied the skeptic, "you surely jest." Kircher then took occasion to reason with his friend upon his own atheistical principles, explaining to him that he had adopted this plan with a design to show him the fallacy of his skepticism. "You will not," said he, "admit that this small body originated in mere chance, and yet you contend that those heavenly bodies to which it bears only a faint and diminutive resemblance, came into existence without author or design." He pursued this chain of reasoning till his friend was totally confounded, and cordially acknowledged the absurdity of his notions.
      - [Atheism]

Let this day be to us as sacred as was the night of the Passover to ancient Israel. Let the anthems of your praise ring out with joyous liberty until the glad sound shall be caught up by the hoary heights of the western mountains, "Lincoln and freedom!" By the mountains let the electric words be hurled down to the embattled hills--thence, down to the lowlands, through the shaded aisles of dark-plumed forests, until the skies shall catch the glad sound--"Lincoln, beyond the stars, and freedom inseparable now and forever." Thus, hurled from glory to glory, and from age to age, shall these words pass on until the unsightly piece of ebony, quarried from the depths of slavery's pit, shall prove a priceless jewel gleaming in the diadem of humanity.
      - in the A.M.E. Review
        [Emancipation Day]

Let us come, then, hungering and thirsting for the body and blood of the Lord. He will be present to satisfy the spiritual desires of which He is Himself the author. It would be no feast without Himself. Mere common bread, mere common wine, mere meeting with one another, would this sacrament be unless Jesus Himself were here. "He must break the bread, if it is to nourish my soul. He must pour out the wine, if it is to refresh and gladden me." And we doubt not that He will do this. We come in obedience to His command, and we rely upon His promise. We will seek to commune under their influence, and then we will go away from the table joyfully and exultingly declaring: "As the apple-tree among the trees of the wood, so is my Beloved among the sons. I sat down under his shadow with great delight and his fruit was sweet to my taste."
      - [Communion]

Look to this day,
  For it is life, the very life of life.
    In its brief course lie all the verities and realities of your existence.
      - [Life]

Lullaby, baby, upon the tree top;
  When the wind blows the cradle will rock,
    When the bough breaks the cradle will fall,
      And down comes the baby, and cradle and all.
      - written by Pilgrim youth and said to be first poem written in America

May all single men be married, and all married men be happy.
      - [Toasts]

May care be a stranger to the honest heart.
      - [Toasts]

May Dame Fortune ever smile on you,
  But never her daughter--Miss Fortune.
      - [Toasts]

May fortune fill the up where charity guides the hand.
      - [Toasts]

May the happiest days of your past
  Be the saddest days of your future.
      - [Toasts]

May the hinges of friendship never grow rusty.
      - [Toasts]

May the joys of America be as pure as its air of freedom, and its virtues be as firm as its mountains.
      - [Toasts]

May the lamp of friendship be lighted with the oil of sincerity.
      - [Toasts]

May the pleasures of youth never bring us pain in old age.
      - [Toasts]

May the road to happiness be lighted by virtue.
      - [Toasts]

May the sunshine of comfort dispel the clouds of despair.
      - [Toasts]

May those who enter the rosy paths of matrimony never meet with thorns.
      - [Toasts]

May we always be under the orders of General Peace, General Plenty and General Prosperity.
      - [Toasts]

May we always look upon the faults of others with the same eye we look upon our own.
      - [Toasts]

May we have the unspeakable good fortune to win a true heart, and the merit to keep it.
      - [Toasts]

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