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He nothing common did, or mean,
  Upon that memorable scene.
      - Andrew Marvell, the Younger,
        Horatian Ode--Upon Cromwell's Return from Ireland

So much one man can do,
  That does both act and know.
      - Andrew Marvell, the Younger,
        Horatian Ode--Upon Cromwell's Return from Ireland

Time is short, your obligations are infinite. Are your houses regulated, your children instructed, the afflicted relieved, the poor visited, the work of piety accomplished?
      - Jean Baptiste Massillon

As the United Nations pushes for jurisdiction over the globe, it is important to remember how it has acted in Bosnia. The character of an institution, no less than of an individual, is revealed through actions, not words.
      - Wendy McElroy

Awake, arise, or be forever fall'n!
      - John Milton, Paradise Lost (bk. I, l. 330)

Execute their aery purposes.
      - John Milton, Paradise Lost (bk. I, l. 430)

Those graceful acts,
  Those thousand decencies that daily flow
    From all her words and actions.
      - John Milton, Paradise Lost
         (bk. VIII, l. 600)

There is no secret of the heart which our actions do not disclose.
      - Moliere (pseudonym of Jean Baptiste Poquelin)

What's done can't be undone.
  [Fr., Ce qui est faicr ne se peult desfaire.]
      - Michel Eyquem de Montaigne, Essays (III)

'Tis human actions paint the chart of time.
      - James Montgomery

Push on,--keep moving.
      - Thomas Morton, A Cure for the Heartache
         (act II, sc. 1)

I do not say the mind gets informed by action, bodily action; but it does get earnestness and strength by it, and that nameless something that gives a man the mastership of his faculties.
      - William Mountford (1)

Few men of action have been able to make a graceful exit at the appropriate time.
      - Malcolm Muggeridge

Action is the parent of results; dormancy, the brooding mother of discontent.
      - Dinah Maria Mulock (used pseudonym Mrs. Craik)

The life of action is nobler than the life of thought.
      - Dinah Maria Mulock (used pseudonym Mrs. Craik)

Action to be effective must be directed to clearly conceived ends.
      - Jawaharlal Nehru

All power appears only in transition. Permanent power is stuff.
      - Novalis (pseudonym of Frederich Leopold von Hardenberg)

The iron ring is worn out by constant use.
  [Lat., Ferreus assiduo consumitur anulus usu.]
      - Ovid (Publius Ovidius Naso), Ars Amatoria
         (bk. I, 473)

Either you pursue or push, O Sisyphus, the stone destined to keep rolling.
  [Lat., Aut petis aut urgues ruiturum, Sisyphe, saxum.]
      - Ovid (Publius Ovidius Naso), Metamorphoses
         (4, 459)

Action and care will in time wear down the strongest frame, but guilt and melancholy are poisons of quick dispatch.
      - Thomas Paine

What the Puritans gave the world was not thought, but action.
      - Wendell Phillips, Speech--The Pilgrims

To do an evil action is base; to do a good action without incurring danger is common enough; but it is the part of a good man to do great and noble deeds, though he risks every thing.
      - Plutarch

Judge not of actions by their mere effect;
  Dive to the centre, and the cause detect;
    Great deeds from meanest springs may take their course,
      And smallest virtues from a mighty source.
      - Alexander Pope

Not always actions show the man; we find
  Who does a kindness is not therefore kind.
      - Alexander Pope, Moral Essays
         (epistle I, l. 109)

Do what's right for you, as long as it don't hurt no one.
      - Elvis Presley

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