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The chief pleasure (in eating) does not consist in costly seasoning or exquisite flavor, but in yourself. Do you seek for sauce by sweating.
      - Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus)

Hunger is never delicate.
      - Samuel Johnson (a/k/a Dr. Johnson) ("The Great Cham of Literature")

Our appetites, of one or another kind, are excellent spurs to our reason, which might otherwise but feebly set about the great ends of preserving and continuing the species.
      - Charles Lamb (used pseudonym Elia)

Choose rather to punish your appetites than to be punished by them.
      - Tyrius Maximus

Govern well thy appetite, lest Sin
  Surprise thee, and her black attendant Death.
      - John Milton, Paradise Lost
         (bk. VII, l. 546)

My appetite comes to me while eating.
      - Michel Eyquem de Montaigne,
        Essays--Of Vanity (bk. III, ch. IX)

Always rise from the table with an appetite, and you will never sit down without one.
      - William Penn

It is difficult to speak to the belly because it has no ears.
      - Plutarch

"Appetite comes with eating," says Angeston, "but thirst departs with drinking."
  [Fr., "L'appetit vient en mangeant," disoit Angeston, "mais la soif e'en va en beuvant."]
      - Francois Rabelais, Works (bk. I, ch. V)

Hunger is a cloud out of which falls a rain of eloquence and knowledge; when the belly is empty, the body becomes spirit; when it is full, the spirit becomes body.
      - Moslih Eddin (Muslih-un-Din) Saadi (Sadi)

Here is neither want of appetite nor mouths,
  Pray heaven we be not scant of meat or mirth.
      - Sir Walter Scott

If you are surprised at the number of our maladies, count our cooks.
      - Seneca (Lucius Annaeus Seneca)

The pleasures of eating deal with us like Egyptian thieves, who strangle those whom they embrace.
      - Seneca (Lucius Annaeus Seneca)

Doth not the appetite alter? A man loves the meat in his youth that he cannot endure in his age.
      - William Shakespeare

Who can cloy the hungry edge of appetite?
      - William Shakespeare

Who rises from a feast with that keen appetite that be sits down?
      - William Shakespeare

Epicurean cooks
  Sharpen with cloyless sauce his appetite,
    That sleep and feeding may prorogue his honor
      Evan till a Lethe'd dulness--
      - William Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra
         (Pompey at II, i)

Now good digestion wait on appetite,
  And health on both!
      - William Shakespeare, Macbeth
         (Macbeth at III, iv)

But doth not the appetite alter? A man loves the meat in his youth that he cannot endure in his age.
      - William Shakespeare,
        Much Ado About Nothing
         (Benedick at II, iii)

The sweetest honey
  Is loathsome in his own deliciousness
    And in the taste confounds the appetite.
      - William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet
         (Friar Laurence at II, vi)

The sweetest honey
  Is loathsome in his own deliciousness.
      - William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet
         (Friar Laurence at II, vi)

Read o'er this
  And after, this, and then to breakfast with
    What appetite you have.
      - William Shakespeare,
        The Life of King Henry the Eighth
         (King Henry at III, ii)

Who riseth from a feast
  With that keen appetite that he sits down?
      - William Shakespeare,
        The Merchant of Venice
         (Gratiano at II, vi)   BUY VARYING HARE USED BOOK  

Or cloy the hungry edge of appetite
  By bare imagination of a feast?
      - William Shakespeare,
        The Tragedy of King Richard the Second
         (Bolingbroke at I, iii)

For the sake of health, medicines are taken by weight and measure; so ought food to be, or by some similar rule.
      - John Skelton

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