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I am call the richest man in Christendom. The sun never sets on my dominions.
  [Ger., Ich heisse
    Der reichste Mann in der getauften Welt;
      Die Sonne geht in meinem Staat nicht unter.]
      - Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller,
        Don Carlos (I, 6, 60)

The king of Spain is a great potentate, who stands with one foot in the east and the other in the west; and the sun never sets that it does not shine on some of his dominions.
      - Johann Baltasar Schuppius (Schuppe),
        Abgenotigte Ehrenrettung

The sun never sets on the immense empire of Charles V.
      - Sir Walter Scott, The Life of Napoleon
         (ch. LIX)

Remember, not one penny can we take with us into the unknown land.
      - Seneca (Lucius Annaeus Seneca)

That what we have we prize not to the worth
  Whiles we enjoy it, but being lack'd and lost,
    Why, then we rack the value, then we find
      The virtue that possession would not show us
        While it was ours.
      - William Shakespeare

The sweets we wish for, turn to loathed sours,
  Even in the moment that we call them ours.
      - William Shakespeare

Thus have I had thee, as a dream doth flatter,
  In sleep a king, but waking, no such matter.
      - William Shakespeare

She dying, as it must be so maintained,
  Upon the instant that she was accused,
    Shall be lamented, pitied, and excused
      Of every hearer; for it so falls out
        That what we have we prize not to the worth
          Whiles we enjoy it, but being lacked and lost,
            Why, then we rack the value, then we find
              The virtue that possession would not show us
                Whiles it was ours.
      - William Shakespeare,
        Much Ado About Nothing
         (Friar Francis at IV, i)

I ne'er could any lustre see
  In eyes that would not look on me;
    I ne'er saw nectar on a lip
      But where my own did hope to sip.
      - Richard Brinsley Sheridan, Duenna--Air
         (act I, sc. 2)

Why should the brave Spanish soldiers brag? The sunne never sets in the Spanish dominions, but ever shineth on one part or other we have conquered for our king.
      - Captain John Smith,
        Advertisements for the Unexperienced, etc.,
        Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll. Third Series, vol. III, p. 49

Possession, they say, is eleven points of the law.
      - Jonathan Swift, Works (vol. XVII, p. 270)

Possession diminishes perception of value, immediately.
      - John Updike

Others may use the ocean as their road;
  Only the English make it their abode.
      - Edmund Waller, On a War with Spain

A power which has dotted over the surface of the whole globe with her possessions and military posts, whose morning drum-beat, following the sun, and keeping company with the hours, circles the earth with one continuous and unbroken strain of the martial airs of England.
      - Daniel Webster,
        Speech--The Presidential Protest

Germany must have her place in the sun.
      - attributed to Kaiser Wilhelm II (William II)

People may have too much of a good thing:
  Full as an egg of wisdom thus I sing.
      - Dr. John Wolcot (Wolcott or Woolcott) (used pseudonym Peter Pindar),
        Subjects for Painters--The Gentleman and his Wife

For why? because the good old rule
  Sufficeth them, the simple plan
    That they should take, who have the power,
      And they should keep, who can.
      - William Wordsworth, Rob Roy's Grave,
        motto of Scott's Rob Roy

Lord of himself, though not of lands;
  And having nothing, yet hath all.
      - Sir Henry Wotton,
        The Character of a Happy Life (st. 6)

You can't have everything. Where would you put it?
      - Steven Wright

Possession, why more tasteless than pursuit? Why is a wish far dearer than a crown? that wish accomplished, why the grave of bliss? Because in the great future, buried deep, beyond our plans of empire and renown, lies all that man with ardor should pursue; and He who made him bent him to the right.
      - Edward Young

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