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He who is sorry for having sinned is almost innocent.
      - Seneca (Lucius Annaeus Seneca)

It is never too late to turn from the errors of our ways:
  He who repents of his sins is almost innocent.
    [Lat., Nam sera nunquam est ad bonos mores via.
      Quem peonitet peccasse, paene est innocens.]
      - Seneca (Lucius Annaeus Seneca), Agamemnon

God never repents of what He has first resolved upon.
  [Lat., Nec unquam primi consilii deos peonitet.]
      - Seneca (Lucius Annaeus Seneca),
        De Beneficiis (VI, 23)

And wet his grave with my repentant tears.
      - William Shakespeare

If hearty sorrow be a sufficient ransom for offence, I tender it here; I do as truly suffer, as ever I did commit.
      - William Shakespeare

O wretched state! O bosom black as death! O limed soul that, struggling to be free, art more engaged! Help, angels! Make assay! Bow, stubborn knees! and, heart with strings of steel, be soft as sinews of the new-born babe!
      - William Shakespeare

Once again I do receive thee honest. Who by repentance is not satisfied is nor of heaven nor earth.
      - William Shakespeare

Repentance is heart's sorrow, and a clear life ensuing.
      - William Shakespeare

What then? What rests?
  Try what repentance can. What can it not?
    Yet what can it when one cannot repent?
      O wretched state? O bosom black as death!
        O limed soul, that struggling to be free
          Art more engaged!
      - William Shakespeare,
        Hamlet Prince of Denmark
         (Claudius, King of Denmark at III, iii)

Well, I'll repent, and that suddenly, while I am in some liking. I shall be out of heart shortly, and then I shall have no strength to repent.
      - William Shakespeare,
        King Henry the Fourth, Part I
         (Falstaff at III, iii)

Under your good correction, I have seen
  When, after execution, judgment hath
    Repented o'er his doom.
      - William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure
         (Provost at II, ii)

That it may please you leave these sad designs
  To him that hath most cause to be a mourner,
    And presently repair to Crosby House;
      Where--after I have solemnly interred
        At Chertsey monast'ry with noble king--
          And wet his grave with my repentant tears--
            I will with all expedient duty see you.
      - William Shakespeare,
        The Tragedy of King Richard the Third
         (King Richard at I, ii)

Sins may be forgiven through repentance, but no act of wit will ever justify them.
      - Thomas Sherlock

Repentance hath a purifying power, and every tear is of a cleansing virtue; but these penitential clouds must be still kept dropping: one shower will not suffice; for repentance is not one single action, but a course.
      - Bishop Robert South

True repentance has a double aspect; it looks upon things past with a weeping eye, and upon the future with a watchful eye.
      - Bishop Robert South

It is one thing to mourn for sin because it exposes us to hell, and another to mourn for it because it is an infinite evil. It is one thing to mourn for it because it is injurious to ourselves; another, to mourn for it because it is offensive to God. It is one thing to be terrified; another, to be humbled.
      - Gardiner Spring

Repentance clothes in grass and flowers the grave in which the past is laid.
      - John Sterling

Repentance is accepted remorse.
      - Madame Anne Sophie Swetchine (Soimonoff)

Virtue is the daughter of Religion; Repentance, her adopted child,--a poor orphan who, without the asylum which she offers, would not know where to hide her sole treasure, her tears!
      - Madame Anne Sophie Swetchine (Soimonoff)

Repentance follows hasty counsels.
  [Lat., Velox consilium sequitur poenitentia.]
      - Syrus (Publilius Syrus), Maxims

Take care not to begin anything of which you may repent.
  [Lat., Cave ne quidquam incipias, quod post poeniteat.]
      - Syrus (Publilius Syrus), Maxims

Many believe the article of remission of sins, but they believe it without the condition of repentance or the fruits of holy life.
      - Jeremy Taylor

Repentance is not like the summer fruits, fit to be taken a little and in their own time; it is like bread, the provisions and support of life, the entertainment of every day; but it is the bread of affliction to some, and the bread of carefulness to all; and he that preaches this with the greatest severity, it may be, takes the liberty of an enemy, but he gives the counsel and the assistance of a friend.
      - Jeremy Taylor

True repentance has as its constituent elements not only grief and hatred of sin, but also an apprehension of the mercy of God in Christ. It hates the sin, and not simply the penalty; and it hates the sin most of all because it has discovered God's love.
      - William Mackergo Taylor

Ah! gracious Heaven gives us eyes to see our own wrong, however dim age may make them; and knees not too stiff to kneel, in spite of years, cramp, and rheumatism.
      - William Makepeace Thackeray

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