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Sleep, baby, sleep
  Thy father's watching the sheep,
    Thy mother's shaking the dreamland tree,
      And down drops a little dream for thee.
      - Mrs. Elizabeth Payson Prentiss,
        Sleep, Baby, Sleep

I never sleep comfortably except when I am at sermon or when I pray to God.
  [Fr., Je ne dors jamais bien a mon aise sinon quand je suis au sermon, ou quand je prie Dieu.]
      - Francois Rabelais, Gargantua
         (bk. I, ch. XLI)

She slept the sleep of the just.
  [Fr., Elle s'endormit du sommeil des justes.]
      - Jean Baptiste Racine,
        Abrege de l'histoire de Port Royal
         (vol. IV, 517), (Mesnard's edition)

In a sound sleep the soul goes home to recruit her strength, which could not else endure the wear and tear of life.
      - Ibn Rahel

Life's nurse, sent from heaven to create us anew day by day.
      - Charles Reade

Sleep, the antechamber of the grave.
      - Jean Paul Friedrich Richter (Johann Paul Richter) (used ps. Jean Paul)

When the Sleepy Man comes with the dust on his eyes
  (Oh, weary, my Dearie, so weary!)
    He shuts up the earth, and he opens the skies.
      (So hush-a-by, weary my Dearie!)
      - Charles George Douglas Roberts, Sleepy Man

No; death is not an eternal sleep.
      - Isidore Maximilien de Robespierre

God gives sleep to the bad, in order that the good may be undisturbed.
      - Moslih Eddin (Muslih-un-Din) Saadi (Sadi)

Heavy Sleep, the Cousin of Death.
      - Charles Sackville, Earl of Dorset, Sleep

"God bless the man who first invented sleep!"
  So Sancho Panza said and so say I;
    And bless him, also, that he didn't keep
      His great discovery to himself, nor try
        To make it,--as the lucky fellow might--
          A close monopoly by patent-right.
      - John Godfrey Saxe, Early Rising

Yes; bless the man who first invented sleep
  (I really can't avoid the iteration):
    But blast the man with curses loud and deep,
      Whate'er the rascal's name or age or station,
        Who first invented, and went round advertising
          That artificial cut-off--Early Rising.
      - John Godfrey Saxe, Early Rising

Sleep in peace, and wake in joy.
      - Sir Walter Scott

To all, to each! a fair good-night,
  And pleasing dreams, and slumbers light.
      - Sir Walter Scott,
        Marmion--L'Envoy--To the Reader
         (canto VI, last lines)

Sleep the sleep that knows not breaking,
  Morn of toil, nor night of waking.
      - Sir Walter Scott, The Lady of the Lake
         (canto I, st. 31)

After life's fitful fever he sleeps well.
      - William Shakespeare

As fast lock'd up in sleep, as guiltless labor,
  When it lies starkly in the traveller's bones.
      - William Shakespeare

Balm of hurt minds, great second course, chief nourisher in life's feast.
      - William Shakespeare

Canst thou, O partial sleep, give thy repose to the wet sea-boy in an hour so rude, and in the calmest and most stillest night, with all appliances and means to boot, deny it to a king?
      - William Shakespeare

Downy sleep, death's counterfeit.
      - William Shakespeare

Enjoy the honey-heavy dew of slumber.
      - William Shakespeare

I let fall the windows of mine eyes.
      - William Shakespeare

I pray you, let none of your people stir me;
  I have an exposition of sleep come upon me.
      - William Shakespeare

It seldom visits sorrow; when it doth,
  It is a comforter.
      - William Shakespeare

Macbeth does murder sleep, the innocent sleep.
      - William Shakespeare

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