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What right has any free, reasonable soul on earth to sell himself for a shilling a day to murder any man, right or wrong, even his own brother or his own father, just because such a whiskered, profligate jackanapes as that officer, without learning, without any good except his own looking-glass and his opera-dancer,--a fellow who, just because he was born a gentleman, is set to command gray-headed men before he can command his own meanest passions. Good heavens! that the lives of free men should be intrusted to such a stuffed cockatoo; and that free men should be such traitors to their own flesh and blood as to sell themselves, for a shilling a day and the smirks of the nursery-maids, to do that fellow's bidding.
      - Charles Kingsley

As we pledge the health of our general, who fares as rough as we,
  What can daunt us, what can turn us, led to death by such as he?
      - Charles Kingsley, A March

For it 's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' "Tommy, go outside,"
  But it 's "Special train for Atkins" when the trooper 's on the tide.
      - Rudyard Kipling

O it 's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' "Tommy, go away,"
  But it 's "Thank you, Mister Atkins," when the band begins to play.
      - Rudyard Kipling

Then it 's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' "Tommy 'ows yer soul?"
  But it 's "Thin red lines of 'eroes" when the drums begin to roll.
      - Rudyard Kipling

"For they're hangin' Danny Deever, you can 'ear the Dead March play,
  The regiment's in 'ollow square--They're hangin' him to-day;
    They're taken of his buttons off an' cut his stripes away,
      An' they're hangin' Danny Deever in the morning."
      - Rudyard Kipling, Danny Deever

"What are the bugles blowin' for?" said Files-on-Parade.
  "To turn you out, to turn you out," the Colour Sergeant said.
      - Rudyard Kipling, Danny Deever

So 'ere's to you, Fuzzy-Wuzzy, at your 'ome in the Soudan;
  You're a pore benighted 'eathen but a first-class fightin' man;
    And 'ere's to you, Fuzzy-Wuzzy, with your 'ay-rick 'ead of 'air;
      You big black boundin' beggar--for you broke a British square!
      - Rudyard Kipling, Fuzzy-Wuzzy

The 'eathen in 'is blindness bows down to wood an' stone;
  'E don't obey no orders unless they is 'is own;
    'E keeps 'is side-arms awful: 'e leaves 'em all about,
      An' then comes up the Regiment an' pokes the 'eathen out.
      - Rudyard Kipling, The 'Eathen

For it's Tommy this an' Tommy that, an' "Chuck 'im out, the brute!"
  But it's "Savior of 'is country," when the guns begin to shoot.
      - Rudyard Kipling, Tommy

It is not the guns or armament
  Or the money they can pay,
    It's the close co-operation
      That makes them win the day.
        It is not the individual
          Or the army as a whole,
            But the everlastin' teamwork
              Of every bloomin' soul.
      - J. Mason Knox, Co-operation,
        claimed for him by his wife in a communication in the New York "Times"

Good faith and probity are rarely found among the followers of the camp.
  [Lat., Nulla fides pietasque viris qui castra sequuntur.]
      - Lucanus (Marcus Annaeus Lucan), Pharsalia
         (X, 407)

Against the flying ball no valor avails.
      - Martin Luther

That city is well fortified which has a wall of men instead of brick.
      - Lycurgus

Ned has gone, he's gone away, he's gone away for good.
  He's called, he's killed.
    Him and his drum lies in the rain, lies where they was stood.
      Where they was stilled.
      - A. Neil Lyons (Albert Michael) ("Edwin Smallweed"),
        appeared in the London "Weekly Dispatch"

I am closing my 52 years of military service. When I joined the army, even before the turn of the century, it was the fulfillment of all my boyish hopes and dreams.
  The world has turned over many times since I took the oath on the plain at West Point, and the hopes and dreams have long since vanished, but I still remember the refrain of one of the most barracks ballads of that day which proclaimed most proudly that old soldiers never die; they just fade away.
    And like the old soldier of that ballad, I now close my military career and just fade away, an old soldier who tried to do his duty as God gave him the light to see that duty. Goodbye.
      - General Douglas MacArthur,
        in a speech to a joint session of the U.S. Congress

The soldier, above all other people, prays for peace, for he must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars.
      - General Douglas MacArthur

A soldier ought to consider peace only as a breathing-spell, which gives him leisure to contrive, and furnishes ability to execute, military plans.
      - Niccolo Machiavelli (Macchiavelli)

Here's to the Blue of the wind-swept North
  When we meet on the fields of France,
    May the spirit of Grant be with you all
      As the sons of the North advance!
        . . . .
          Here's to the Gray of the sun-kissed South
            When we meet on the fields of France,
              May the spirit of Lee be with you all
                As the sons on the South advance!
                  . . . .
                    And here's to the Blue and the Gray as One!
                      When we meet on the fields of France,
                        May the spirit of God be with us all
                          As the sons of the Flag advance!
      - George Morrow Mayo, A Toast

"Companions," said he [Saturninus], "you have lost a good captain, to make of him a bad general."
      - Michel Eyquem de Montaigne,
        Essays--Of Vanity

Napoleon's troops fought in bright fields where every helmet caught some beams of glory; but the British soldier conquered under the cold shade of aristocracy.
      - Sir William Francis Patrick Napier,
        History of the Peninsular War (II, 401),
        (ed. 1851)

The greatest general is he who makes the fewest mistakes.
      - attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte (Napoleon I)

The worse the man, the better the soldier.
      - Napoleon Bonaparte (Napoleon I)

War,--the trade of barbarians!
      - Napoleon Bonaparte (Napoleon I)

Judge not that ye be judged; we carried the torch to the goal.
  The goal is won: guard the fire: it is yours: but remember our soul.
    Breathes through the life that we saved, when our lives went out in the night:
      Your body is woven of ours: see that the torch is alight.
      - Edward Joseph Harrington O'Brien,
        On the Day of Achievement

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