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Solitude delighteth well to feed on many thoughts;
  There as thou sittest peaceful, communing with fancy,
    The precious poetry of life shall gild its leaden cares;
      There, as thou walkest by the sea beneath the gentle stars,
        Many kindling seeds of good will sprout within thy soul;
          Thou shalt weep in Solitude,--thou shalt pray in Solitude.
            Thou shalt sing for joy of heart, and praise the grace of Solitude.
      - Martin Farquhar Tupper

A hermit who has been shut up in his cell in a college has contracted a sort of mould and rust upon his soul.
      - Isaac Watts

That inward eye which is the bliss of solitude.
      - William Wordsworth

Impulses of deeper birth
  Have come to him in solitude.
      - William Wordsworth, A Poet's Epitaph

They flash upon that inward eye
  Which is the bliss of solitude.
      - William Wordsworth, I Wandered Lonely,
        lines in the poem written by Mrs. Wordsworth

Often have I sighed to measure
  By myself a lonely pleasure,--
    Sighed to think I read a book,
      Only read, perhaps, by me.
      - William Wordsworth, To the Small Celandine

Few are the faults we flatter when alone.
      - Edward Young

Oh, lost to virtue--lost to manly thought,
  Lost to the noble sallies of the soul!
    Who think it solitude to be alone.
      - Edward Young

The man how bless'd, who, sick of gaudy scenes,
  (Scenes apt to thrust between us and ourselves,)
    Is led by choice to take his fav'rite walk
      Beneath death's gloomy, silent, cypress shades,
        Unpierc'd by vanity's fantastic ray;
          To read his monuments, to weigh his dust,
            Visit his vaults, and dwell among the tombs.
      - Edward Young

O sacred solitude! divine retreat!
  Choice of the prudent! envy of the great,
    By thy pure stream, or in thy waving shade,
      We court fair wisdom, that celestial maid.
      - Edward Young, Love of Fame
         (satire V, l. 254)

O! lost to virtue, lost to manly thought,
  Lost to the noble sallies of the soul!
    Who think it solitude to be alone.
      - Edward Young, Night Thoughts
         (night III, l. 6)

This sacred shade and solitude, what is it?
  'Tis the felt presence of the Deity,
    Few are the faults we flatter when alone.
      - Edward Young, Night Thoughts
         (night V, l. 172)

One ought to love society, if he wishes to enjoy solitude. It is a social nature that solitude works upon with the most various power. If one is misanthropic, and betakes himself to loneliness that he may get away from hateful things, solitude is a silent emptiness to him.
      - Johann Georg von Zimmermann

The love of solitude, when cultivated in the morn of life, elevates the mind to a noble independence, but to acquire the advantages which solitude is capable of affording, the mind must not be impelled to it by melancholy and discontent, but by a real distaste to the idle pleasures of the world, a rational contempt for the deceitful joys of life, and just apprehensions of being corrupted and seduced by its insinuating and destructive gayeties.
      - Johann Georg von Zimmermann

Those beings only are fit for solitude who are like nobody, and are liked by nobody.
      - Johann Georg von Zimmermann

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