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Women are never stronger than when they arm themselves with their weaknesses.
      - Madame Marie Anne du Deffand

Were there no women, men might live like gods.
      - Thomas Dekker (Decker), Honest Whore
         (pt. I, act III, sc. 1)

There's no music when a woman is in the concert.
      - Thomas Dekker (Decker), Honest Whore
         (pt. II, act IV, sc. 3)

Women never have young minds. They are born three thousand years old.
      - Shelagh Delaney, A Taste of Honey
         (act I, sc. 2)

Very few men understand the true significance of contentment; women alone illustrate it.
      - Dorothee DeLuzy

Women have a genius for love; men can only learn the art indifferently.
      - Joseph Marie De Maistre

To speak but little becomes a woman; and she is best adorned who is in plain attire.
      - Democritus

A woman may be ugly, ill-shaped, wicked, ignorant, silly, and stupid, but hardly ever ridiculous.
      - Louis Claude Joseph Desnoyers

Women always have some mental reservation.
  [Fr., Les femmes ont toujours quelque arriere pensee.]
      - Phillipe N. Destouches, Dissipateur (V, 9)

But were it to my fancy given
  To rate her charms, I'd call them heaven;
    For though a mortal made of clay,
      Angels must love Ann Hathaway;
        She hath a way so to control,
          To rapture the imprisoned soul,
            And sweetest heaven on earth display,
              That to be heaven Ann hath a way;
                She hath a way,
                  Ann Hathaway,--
                    To be heaven's self Ann hath a way.
      - Charles Dibdin, A Love Dittie,
        in his novel "Hannah Hewitt"

But in some old nook in Mrs. Todger's breast, up a great many steps, and in a corner easy to be overlooked, there was a secret door, with "Woman" written on the spring, which, at a touch from Mercy's hand, had flown wide open, and admitted her for shelter.
      - Charles Dickens,
        The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit
         (vol. II, ch. XII)

To describe women, the pen should be dipped in the humid colors of the rainbow, and the paper dried with the dust gathered from the wings of a butterfly.
      - Denis Diderot

Most women set out to change a man, and when they have changed him they do not like him.
      - Marlene Dietrich

She was not made out of his head, Sir,
  To rule and to govern the man;
    Nor was she made out of his feet, Sir,
      By man to be trampled upon.
        . . . .
          But she did come forth from his side, Sir,
            His equal and partner to be;
              And now they are coupled together,
                She oft proves the top of the tree.
      - collected by James Henry Dixon,
        Ballads and Songs of the Peasantry of England

Be then thine own home, and in thyself dwell;
  Inn anywhere; continuance maketh hell.
    And seeing the snail, which everywhere doth roam,
      Carrying his own home still, still is at home;
        Follow--for he is easy paced--this snail,
          Be thine own palace, or the world's thy gaol.
      - Dr. John Donne, To Sir Henry Wotton

I have seen too much not to know that the impression of a woman may be more valuable than the conclusion of an analytical reasoner.
      - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

As for the women, though we scorn and flout them, we may live with, but cannot live without them.
      - John Dryden

And, like another Helen, fir'd another Troy.
      - John Dryden, Alexander's Feast (l. 154)

For women with a mischief to their kind,
  Pervert with bad advice our better mind.
      - John Dryden, Cock and the Fox (l. 555)

A woman's counsel brought us first to woe,
  And made her man his paradise forego,
    Where at heart's ease he liv'd; and might have been
      As free from sorrow as he was from sin.
      - John Dryden, Cock and the Fox (l. 557)

She hugg'd the offender, and forgave the offence;
  Sex to the last.
      - John Dryden, Cymon and Iphigenia (l. 367)

I am resolved to grow fat and look young till forty, and then slip out of the world with the first wrinkle and the reputation of five and twenty.
      - John Dryden, The Maiden Queen
         (act III, sc. 1)

And that one hunting, which the devil design'd
  For one fair female, lost him half the kind.
      - John Dryden, Theodore and Honoria (l. 427)

What all your sex desire is Sovereignty.
      - John Dryden, Wife of Bath

Find the woman.
  [Fr., Cherchez la femme.]
      - Alexandre Dumas pere,
        The Mohicans of Paris
         (vol. III, ch. X, and elsewhere),
        (also titled Les Mohicans de Paris}

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