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Varying Hare
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English philosopher, statesman and writer
(1561 - 1626)
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Chiefly the mould of a man's fortune is in his own hands.
      - [Fortune]

Children sweeten labors, but they make misfortunes more bitter; they increase the cares of life, but they mitigate the remembrance of death.
      - [Childhood : Children]

Clear and round dealing is the honor of man's nature; the mixture of falsehood is like alloy in coin of gold and silver, which may make the metal work the better, but it embaseth it.
      - [Truth]

Contempt putteth an edge upon anger more than the hurt itself.
      - [Contempt]

Costly followers are not to be liked; lest while a man maketh his train longer, he makes his wings shorter.
      - [Associates]

Custom is the principle magistrate of man's life.
      - [Custom]

Dangers are light, if they seem light; and more dangers have deceived men than forced them.
      - [Cowards]

Dangers are no more light if they once seem light, and more dangers have deceived men than forced them; nay, it were better to meet some dangers half-way, though they come nothing near, than to keep too long a watch upon their approaches; for if a man watch too long it is odds he will all fast asleep.
      - [Danger]

Death * * * openeth the gate to good fame, and extinguisheth envy.
      - [Death]

Death is a friend of ours; and he that is not ready to entertain him is not at home.
      - [Death]

Decided cases are the anchors of the law, as laws are of the state.
      - [Law]

Discourse ought to be as a field, without coming home to any man.
      - [Egotism]

Dissimulation is but a faint kind of policy or wisdom; for it asketh a strong wit and a strong heart to know when to tell truth, and to do it; therefore, it is the weaker sort of politicians that are the greatest dissemblers.
      - [Dissimulation]

Do not overwork the mind any more than the body; do everything with moderation.
      - [Mind]

Dramatical or representative poesy is, as it were, a visible history; for it sets out the image of things as if they were present.
      - [Drama]

Even reproof from authority ought to be grave, and not taunting.
      - [Authority]

Fame is like a river, that beareth up things light and swollen, and drowns things weighty and solid.
      - [Fame]

For behavior, men learn it, as they take diseases, one of another.
      - [Behavior]

For what a man would like to be true, that he more readily believes.
      - [Belief]

Fortitude is the marshal of thought, the armor of the will, and the fort of reason.
      - [Fortitude]

Fortune his like the market, where many times, if you can stay a little, the price will fall.
      - [Fortune]

Fortune is like a market where many times if you wait a little the price will fall.
      - [Fortune]

Fortune is not content to do a man one ill turn.
      - [Fortune]

Fortune makes him fool, whom she makes her darling.
      - [Fortune]

Founders and senators of states and cities, lawgivers, extirpers of tyrants, fathers of the people, and other eminent persons in civil government, were honored but with titles of worthies or demigods; whereas such as were inventors and authors of new arts, endowments, and commodities towards man's life, were ever consecrated among the gods themselves.
      - [Invention]

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