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Varying Hare
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Scottish poet and dramatist
(1762 - 1851)
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A good man's prayers will from the deepest dungeon climb heaven's height, and bring a blessing down.
      - [Prayer]

A woman is seldom roused to great and courageous exertion but when something most dear to her is in immediate danger.
      - [Women]

But dreams full oft are found of real events
  The form and shadows.
      - [Dreams]

Half-uttered praise is to the curious mind, as to the eye half-veiled beauty is, more precious than the whole.
      - [Praise]

He is so full of pleasant anecdote;
  So rich, so gay, so poignant in his wit,
    Time vanishes before him as he speaks,
      And ruddy morning through the lattice peeps
        Ere night seems well begun.
      - [Conversation]

Heaven oft in mercy smites, even when the blow severest is.
      - [Adversity]

I am as one
  Who doth attempt some lofty mountain's height,
    And having gained what to the upcast eye
      The summit's point appear'd, astonished sees
        Its cloudy top, majestic and enlarged,
          Towering aloft, as distant as before.
      - [Ambition]

I believe this earth on which we stand is but the vestibule to glorious mansions through which a moving crowd forever press.
      - [Earth]

I can bear scorpion's stings, tread fields of fire, in frozen gulfs of cold eternal lie, be tossed aloft through tracts of endless void, but cannot live in shame.
      - [Shame]

I would, God knows, in a poor woodman's hut
  Have spent my peaceful days, and shared my crust
    With her who would have cheer'd me, rather far
      Than on this throne; but being what I am,
        I'll be it nobly.
      - [Conduct]

It ever is the marked propensity of restless and aspiring minds to look into the stretch of dark futurity.
      - [Futurity]

Men's actions to futurity appear but as the events to which they are conjoined do give them consequence.
      - [Action]

My day is closed! the gloom of night is come! a hopeless darkness settles over my fate.
      - [Despair]

O mysterious Night! thou art not silent; many tongues halt thou.
      - [Night]

Pampered vanity is a hotter thing perhaps than starved pride.
      - [Vanity]

She who only finds her self-esteem
  In others' admiration, begs an alms;
    Depends on others for her daily food,
      And is the very servant of her slaves;
        Tho' oftentimes, in a fantastic hour,
          O'er men she may a childish pow'r exert,
            Which not ennobles but degrades her state.
      - [Coquette]

Stand there, damn'd meddling villain, and be silent;
  For if thou utt'rest but a single word,
    A cough or hem, to cross me in my speech,
      I'll send thy cursed spirit from the earth,
        To bellow with the damn'd!
      - [Threats]

Still on it creeps, each little moment at another's heels, till hours, days, years, and ages are made up.
      - [Time]

That look'd
  As though an angel, in his upward flight,
    Had left his mantle floating in mid-air.
      - [Clouds]

The inward sighs of humble penitence
  Rise to the ear of Heaven, when peal'd hymns
    Are scatter'd with the sounds of common air.
      - [Devout]

The mind doth shape itself to its own wants, and can bear all things.
      - [Mind]

The plainest case in many words entangling.
      - [Lawyers]

The strength of man sinks in the hour of trial; but there doth live a Power that to the battle girdeth the weak.
      - [Weakness]

The visions of a busy brain.
      - [Dreams]

There is a sight all hearts beguiling--
  A youthful mother to her infant smiling,
    Who with spread arms and dancing feet,
      A cooing voice, returns its answer sweet.
      - [Mothers]

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