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Varying Hare
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American author and lawyer
(1820 - 1904)
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There is no tyrant like custom, and no freedom where its edicts are not resisted.
      - [Custom]

There will always be romance in the world so long as there are young hearts in it.
      - [Romance]

There would not be so much harm in the giddy following the fashions, if somehow the wise could always set them.
      - [Fashion]

'Tis but a short journey across the isthmus of Now.
      - [Present]

To cultivate a garden is to walk with God, to go hand in hand with nature in some of her most beautiful processes, to learn something of her choicest secrets, and to have a more intelligent interest awakened in the beautiful order of her works elsewhere.
      - [Flowers]

To cultivate the sense of the beautiful is but one, and the most effectual, of the ways of cultivating an appreciation of the Divine goodness.
      - [Beauty]

To quote copiously and well requires taste, judgment and erudition, a feeling for the beautiful, an appreciation of the noble, and a sense of the profound.
      - [Quotations]

Too much reproach "o'erleaps itself, and falls on t' other side." Pricked up too sharply, the delinquent, like a goaded bull, grows sullen and savage, and, the persecution continuing, ends in rushing madly on the spear that wounds him.
      - [Reproach]

Tranquil pleasures last the longest; we are not fitted to bear the burden of great joys.
      - [Pleasure]

Troubles forereckoned are doubly suffered.
      - [Anticipation]

Truth comes to us from the past, as gold is washed down from the mountains of Sierra Nevada, in minute but precious particles, and intermixed with infinite alloy, the debris of the centuries.
      - [History]

Truth like the sun, submits to be obscured; but like the sun, only for a time.
      - [Truth]

Vanity in an old man is charming. It is a proof of an open, nature. Eighty winters have not frozen him up, or taught him concealments. In a young person it is simply allowable; we do not expect him to be above it.
      - [Age]

We give our best affections to the beautiful, only our second best to the useful.
      - [Beauty]

We make way for the man who boldly pushes past us.
      - [Yielding]

We may learn from children how large a part of our grievances is imaginary. But the pain is just as real.
      - [Sorrow]

We should not so much esteem our poverty as a misfortune, were it not that the world treats it so much as a crime.
      - [Poverty]

We should round every day of stirring action with an evening of thought. We learn nothing of our experience except we muse upon it.
      - [Thought]

We trifle when we assign limits to our desires, since nature hath set none.
      - [Limits]

Weakness ineffectually seeks to disguise itself,--like a drunken man trying to show how sober he is.
      - [Weakness]

What a man knows should find its expression in what he does. The value of superior knowledge is chiefly in of that it leads to a performing manhood.
      - [Action]

What we call conscience, in many instances, is only a wholesome fear of the constable.
      - [Conscience]

When all else is lost, the future still remains.
      - [Future]

Whether one talks well depends very much upon whom he has to talk to.
      - [Talking]

Winter is the night of vegetation.
      - [Winter]

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