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English physician, philosopher and writer
(1605 - 1682)
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All things are artificial; for nature ix the art of God.
      - [Art]

An argument from authority is but a weak kind of proof,--it being but a topical probation, and an inartificial argument depending on naked asseveration.
      - [Authority]

As reason is a rebel unto faith, so passion unto reason; as the propositions of faith seem absurd unto reason, so the theories of reason unto passion.
      - [Reason]

As sins proceed they ever multiply, and like figures in arithmetic, the last stands for more than all that wert before it.
      - [Sin]

Be charitable before wealth makes thee covetous.
      - [Charity]

Be deaf unto the suggestions of tale-bearers, calumniators, pick-thank or malevolent detractors, who, while quiet men sleep, sowing the tares of discord and division, distract the tranquillity of charity and all friendly society. These are the tongues that set the world on fire--cankerers of reputation, and, like that of Jonah's gourd, wither a good name in a single night.
      - [Scandal]

Be substantially great in thyself, and more than thou appearest unto others; and let the world be deceived in thee, as they are in the lights of heaven.
      - [Greatness]

By compassion we make others' misery our own, and so, by relieving them, we relieve ourselves also.
      - [Compassion]

Chain up the unruly legion of thy breast. Lead thine own captivity captive, and be Caesar within thyself.
      - [Self-control]

Come, fair repentance, daughter of the skies!
  Soft harbinger of soon returning virtue!
    The weeping messenger of grace from heav'n!
      - [Repentance]

Do the devils lie? No; for then even hell could not subsist.
      - [Lying]

God hath varied the inclinations of men according to the variety of actions to be performed.
      - [Variety]

Grave-stones tell truth scarce forty years. Generations pass while families last not three oaks.
      - [Epitaphs]

He hath riches sufficient who hath enough to be charitable.
      - [Riches]

He is like to be mistaken who makes choice of a covetous man for a friend, or relieth upon the reed of narrow and poltroon friendship. Pitiful things are only to be found in the cottages of such breasts; but bright thoughts, clear deeds, constancy, fidelity, bounty and generous honesty are the gems of noble minds, wherein (to derogate from none) the true, heroic English gentleman hath no peer.
      - [Gentlemen]

"He that humbleth himself shall be exalted." This great law of the kingdom of God is, in the teaching of Christ, inscribed over its entrance-gate.
      - [Humility]

He who discommendeth others obliquely commendeth himself.
      - [Egotism]

He who must needs have company, must needs have sometimes bad company.
      - [Company]

I could never divide myself from any man upon the difference of an opinion, or be angry with his judgment for not agreeing in that from which within a few days I might dissent myself.
      - [Opinion]

I envy no man that knows more than myself, but pity them that know less.
      - [Knowledge]

I had rather stand the shock of a basilisk than the fury of a merciless pen.
      - [Pen]

I would not live over my hours past . . . not unto Cicero's ground because I have lived them well, but for fear I should live them worse.
      - [Life]

It is a brave act of valor to contemn death; but where life is more terrible than death, it is then the truest valor to dare to live.
      - [Valor]

It is we that are blind, not fortune; because our eye is too dim to discern the mystery of her effects, we foolishly paint her blind, and hoodwink the providence of the Almighty.
      - [Fortune]

Light is but the shadow of God.
      - [Light]

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