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English physician, philosopher and writer
(1605 - 1682)
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We censure others but as they disagree from that humor which we fancy laudable in ourselves, and commend others but for that wherein they seem to quadrate and consent with us.
      - [Self-esteem]

We ere somewhat more than ourselves in our sleep; and the slumber of the body seems to be but the waking of the soul. It is the ligation of sense, but the liberty of reason; and our waking conceptions do not match the fancies of our sleeps.
      - [Dreams]

Who can speak of eternity without a solecism, or think thereof without an ecstasy?
      - [Eternity]

Write thy wrongs in ashes.
      - [Forgiveness]

Yet forget not that "the whole world is a phylactery, and everything we see an item of the wisdom, power, or goodness of God."
      - [God]

Yet is every man his greatest enemy, and, as it were, his own executioner.
      - [Enemies]

Women do most delight in revenge.
      - Christian Morals (part III, sec. XII)

Festination may prove Precipitation;
  Deliberating delay may be wise cunctation.
      - Christian Morals (pt. I, sec. XXIII),
        (paraphrasing Caesar) [Haste]

Think not thy time short in this world, since the world itself is not long. The created world is but a small parenthesis in eternity, and a short interposition, for a time, between such a state of duration as was before it and may be after it.
      - Christian Morals (pt. III, XXIX) [Time]

I look upon you as a gem of the old rock.
      - Dedication to Urn Burial [Ancestry]

Since the Brother of Death daily haunts us with dying mementoes.
      - Hydriotaphia [Sleep]

The long habit of living disposeth us for dying.
      - Hydriotaphia [Life]

Gold once out of the earth is no more due unto it; what was unreasonably committed to the ground, is reasonably resumed from it; let monuments and rich fabricks, not riches, adorn men's ashes.
      - Hydriotaphia (ch. III) [Monuments]

Circles and right lines limit and close all bodies, and the mortal right-lined circle must conclude and shut up all.
      - Hydriotaphia (ch. V) [Circles]

Gravestones tell truth scarce forty years.
      - Hydriotaphia (ch. V) [Graves]

Herostratus lives that burnt the temple of Diana; he is almost lost that built it.
      - Hydriotaphia (ch. V) [Fame]

Oblivion is not to be hired.
      - Hydriotaphia (ch. V) [Oblivion]

There is nothing strictly immortal, but immortality. Whatever hath no beginning may be confident of no end.
      - Hydriotaphia (ch. V) [Immortality]

To be nameless in worthy deeds, exceeds an infamous history.
      - Hydriotaphia (ch. V) [Deeds]

To extend our memories by monuments, whose death we daily pray for, and whose duration we cannot hope, without injury to our expectations in the advent of the last day, were a contradiction to our belief.
      - Hydriotaphia (ch. V) [Monuments]

Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible sun within us.
      - Hydriotaphia (Urn-Burial) (ch. V) [Life]

Pliny hath an odd and remarkable Passage concerning the Death of Men and Animals upon the Recess or Ebb of the Sea.
      - Letter to a Friend (sec. 7) [Death]

Every man is his own greatest enemy, and as it were his own executioner.
      - Religio Medici [Enemies]

The severe schools shall never laugh me out of the philosophy of Hermes, that this visible world is but a picture of the invisible, wherein as in a portrait, things are not truly, but in equivocal shapes, and as they counterfeit some real substance in that invisible fabric.
      - Religio Medici [World]

The voice of the world ["Charity begins at home"].
      - Religio Medici [Charity]

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