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Varying Hare
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English poet
(1812 - 1889)
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From the sprinkled isles,
  Lily on lily, that o'erlace the sea.
      - Cleon [Islands]

So may glory from defect arise.
      - Deaf and Dumb [Glory]

One who never turned his back but marched breast forward,
  Never doubted clouds would break,
    Never dreamed, though right were worsted, wrong would triumph,
      Held we fall to rise, are baffled to flight better,
        Sleep to wake.
      - Epilogue--Asolando [Courage]

Her voice changed like a bird's:
  There grew more of the music, and less of the words.
      - Flight of the Duchess (st. 15) [Voice]

O world as God has made it! All is beauty.
      - Guardian Angel--A Picture at Fano [World]

Oh, to be in England,
  Now that April's there,
    And whoever wakes in England
      Sees some morning, unaware,
        That the lowest boughs and the brushwood sheaf,
          Round the elm-tree bole are in tiny leaf
            While the chaffinch sings on the orchard bough
              In England--now.
      - Home Thoughts from Abroad [England]

All will be gay when noontide wakes anew
  The buttercups, the little children's dower.
      - Home Thoughts--From Abroad [Buttercups]

"With this same key
  Shakespeare unlocked his heart," once more!
    Did Shakespeare? If so, the less Shakespeare be!
      - House (X) [Shakespeare]

Then I cast loose my buff coat, each halter let fall,
  Shook off both my jack-boots, let go belt and all,
    Stood up in the stirrup, leaned, patted his ear,
      Called my Roland his pet name, my horse without peer;
        Clapped my hands, laughed and sang, any noise bad or good,
          'Til at length into Aix Roland galloped and stood.
      - How They Brought the News from Ghent

I count life just a stuff
  To try the soul's strength on.
      - In a Balcony [Life]

Just my vengeance complete,
  The man sprang to his feet,
    Stood erect, caught at God's skirts, and prayed!
      So, I was afraid!
      - Instans Tyrannus (VII) [Prayer]

  Faster and more fast,
    O'er night's brim, day boils at last;
      Boils, pure gold, o'er the cloud-cup's brim.
      - Introduction to Pippa Passes [Day]

Good, to forgive;
  Best to forget.
      - La Saisiaz--Prologue [Forgiveness]

The sea heaves up, hangs loaded o'er the land,
  Breaks there, and buries its tumultuous strength.
      - Luria (act I) [Ocean]

He who did well in war just earns the right
  To begin doing well in peace.
      - Luria (act II, l. 354) [War]

A people is but the attempt of many
  To rise to the completer life of one--
    And those who live as models for the mass
      Are singly of more value than they all.
      - Luria (act V, l. 334) [Society]

Italy, my Italy!
  Queen Mary's saying serves for me--
    (When fortune's malice
      Lost her Calais)--
        Open my heart and you will see
          Graved inside of it, "Italy."
      - Men and Women--"De Gustibus" [Italy]

Dear, dead women, with such hair, too--what's become of all the gold
  Used to hang and brush their bosoms?
      - Men and Women--A Toccata of Galuppi's
         (st. 15) [Hair]

No, when the fight begins within himself,
  A man's worth something.
      - Men and Women--Bishop Blougram's Apology

Never the time and the place
  And the loved one all together.
      - Never the Time and the Place [Love]

What's come to perfection perishes,
  Things learned on earth we shall practise in heaven;
    Works done least rapidly Art most cherishes.
      - Old Pictures in Florence (st. 17)

All June I bound the rose in sheaves,
  Now, rose by rose, I strip the leaves.
      - One Way of Love [Roses]

God be thanked, the meanest of his creatures
  Boasts two soul-sides, one to face the world with,
    One to show a woman when he loves her.
      - One Word More (st. XVII) [Love]

Measure your mind's height by the shade it casts.
      - Paracelsus (II) [Mind]

If I stoop
  Into a dark tremendous sea of cloud,
    It is but for a time; I press God's lamp
      Close to my breast; its splendor soon or late
        Will pierce the gloom; I shall emerge one day.
      - Paracelsus (last lines) [Immortality]

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