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American 20th president of U.S., general and statesman
(1831 - 1881)
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In the long, fierce struggle for freedom of opinion, the press, like the Church, counted its martyrs by thousands.
      - [Press]

In the minds of most men, the kingdom of opinion is divided into three territories,--the territory of yes, the territory of no, and a broad, unexplored middle ground of doubt.
      - [Opinion]

Individuals may wear for a time the glory of our institutions, but they carry it not to the grave with them. Like raindrops from heaven, they may pass through the circle of the shining bow and add to its luster; but when they have sunk in the earth again, the proud arch still spans the sky and shines gloriously on.
      - [Glory]

It is not right or manly to lie even about Satan.
      - [Lying]

Liberty is no negation. It is a substantive, tangible reality.
      - [Liberty]

Life's race well run,
  Life's work well done,
    Life's crown well won,
      Now comes rest.
      - his epitaph [Epitaphs]

Light itself is a great corrective. A thousand wrongs and abuses that are grown in darkness disappear, like owls and bats, before the light of day.
      - [Light]

Monuments may be builded to express the affection or pride of friends, or to display their wealth, but they are only valuable for the characters which they perpetuate.
      - [Monuments]

My definition of a University is Mark Hopkins at one end of a log and a student on the other.
      - tradition has it that he used the phrase at a New York Alumni Dinner

Next in importance to freedom and justice is popular education, without which neither justice nor freedom can be permanently maintained.
      - [Education]

Nine times out of ten, the best thing that can happen to a young man is to be tossed overboard and compelled to sink or swim for himself. In all my acquaintance I never knew a man to be drowned who was worth the saving.
      - [Self-reliance]

No man can make a speech alone. It is the great human power that strikes up from a thousand minds that acts upon him, and makes the speech.
      - [Eloquence]

Power exhibits itself under two distinct forms,--strength and force,--each possessing peculiar qualities, and each perfect in its own sphere. Strength is typified by the oak, the rock, the mountain. Force embodies itself in the cataract, the tempest, and the thunder-bolt.
      - [Power]

Real political issues cannot be manufactured by the leaders of political parties, and real ones cannot be evaded by political parties. The real political issues of the day declare themselves, and come out of the depths of that deep which we call public opinion.
      - [Politics]

Right reason is stronger than force.
      - [Force]

Suicide is not a remedy.
      - [Suicide]

Swift defined observation to be an old man's memory.
      - [Observation]

The best system of education is that which draws its chief support from the voluntary effort of the community, from the individual efforts of citizens, and from those burdens of taxation which they voluntarily impose upon themselves.
      - [Education]

The children of to-day will be the architects of our country's destiny in 1900.
      - [Children]

The monument means a world of memories, a world of deeds, a world of tears, and a world of glories. * * * By the subtle chemistry that no man knows, all the blood that was shed by our brethren, all the lives that were devoted, all he grief that was felt, at last crystallized itself into granite, rendering immortal the great truth for which they died, and it stands there to-day.
      - [Monuments]

The people of this country have shown by the highest proofs human nature can give that wherever the path of duty and honor may lead, however steep and rugged it may be, they are ready to walk in it.
      - [Duty]

The possession of great powers no doubt carries with it a comtempt for mere external show.
      - [Ability]

The right of private judgment is absolute in every American citizen.
      - [Judgment]

The world's history is a divine poem of which the history of every nation is a canto and every man a word. Its strains have been pealing along down the centuries, and though there have been mingled the discords of warring cannon and dying men, yet to the Christian philosopher and historian--the humble listener--there has been a divine melody running through the song which speaks of hope and halcyon days to come.
      - [History]

There are some things I am afraid of: I am afraid to do a mean thing.
      - [Meanness]

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