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Varying Hare
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German poet, author and critic
(1797 - 1856)
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There is only one writer in whom I find something that reminds me of the directness of style which is found in the Bible. It is Shakespeare.
      - [Shakespeare]

Thought is invisible nature.
      - [Thought]

Wherever they burn books, they will also, in the end, burn people.
      - [Books]

While we are indifferent to our good qualities, we keep on deceiving ourselves in regard to our faults; until we at last come to look upon them as virtues.
      - [Faults]

Woman is at once apple and serpent.
      - [Women]

Yes, we ought to forgive our enemies, but not until they are hanged.
      - [Forgiveness]

You should only attempt to borrow from those who have but few of this world's goods, as their chests are not of iron, and they are, besides, anxious to appear wealthier than they really are.
      - [Borrowing]

No talent, but yet a character.
  [Ger., Kein talent, doch ein Charakter.]
      - Atta Troll (caput 24) [Character]

The gazelles so gentle and clever
  Skip lightly in frolicsome mood.
      - Book of Songs, Lyrical (interlude no. 9)

The spring's already at the gate
  With looks my care beguiling;
    The country round appeareth straight
      A flower-garden smiling.
      - Book of Songs--Catherine (no. 6) [Spring]

And the dancing has begun now,
  And the dancers whirl round gaily
    In the waltz's giddy mazes,
      And the ground beneath them trembles.
      - Book of Songs--Don Ramiro (st. 23)

Like a wedding-song all-melting
  Sings the nightingale, the dear one.
      - Book of Songs--Donna Clara [Nightingales]

Glow-worms on the ground are moving,
  As if in the torch-dance circling.
      - Book of Songs--Donna Clara (st. 17)

The violets prattle and titter,
  And gaze on the stars high above.
      - Book of Songs--Lyrical Interlude (9)

The lotus flower is troubled
  At the sun's resplendent light;
    With sunken head and sadly
      She dreamily waits for the night.
      - Book of Songs--Lyrical Interlude (no. 10)

A lonely fir-tree is standing
  On a northern barren height;
    It sleeps, and the ice and snow-drift
      Cast round it a garment of white.
      - Book of Songs--Lyrical Interlude (no. 34)

The Blossoms and leaves in plenty
  From the apple tree fall each day;
    The merry breezes approach them,
      And with them merrily play.
      - Book of Songs--Lyrical Interlude (no. 63)

The swan in the pool is singing,
  And up and down doth he steer,
    And, singing gently ever,
      Dips under the water clear.
      - Book of Songs--Lyrical Interlude (no. 64)

The sea appears all golden
  Beneath the sun-lit sky.
      - Book of Songs--New Poems--Seraphina
         (no. 15) [Ocean]

The eyes of spring, so azure,
  Are peeping from the ground;
    They are the darling violets,
      That I in nosegays bound.
      - Book of Songs--New Spring (13) [Violets]

The slender water-lily
  Peeps dreamingly out of the lake;
    The moon, oppress'd with love's sorrow,
      Looks tenderly down for her sake.
      - Book of Songs--New Spring (no. 15, st. 1)
        [Water Lilies]

The beauteous eyes of the spring's fair night
  With comfort are downward gazing.
      - Book of Songs--New Spring (no. 3) [Spring]

If thou lookest on the lime-leaf,
  Thou a heart's form will discover;
    Therefore are the lindens ever
      Chosen seats of each fond lover.
      - Book of Songs--New Spring (no. 31, st. 3)

Thy letter sent to prove me,
  Inflicts no sense of wrong;
    No longer wilt thou love me,--
      Thy letter, though is long.
      - Book of Songs--New Spring (no. 34) [Post]

Sweet May hath come to love us,
  Flowers, trees, their blossoms don;
    And through the blue heavens above us
      The very clouds move on.
      - Book of Songs--New Spring (no. 5) [May]

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