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Varying Hare
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Scottish poet and song writer
(1814 - 1889)

Blessings on Science! When the earth seem'd old,
  When Faith grew doting, and the Reason cold,
    'Twas she discover'd that the world was young,
      And taught a language to its lisping tongue:
        'Twas she disclosed a future to its view,
          And made old knowledge pale before the new.
      - [Science]

Blessings on Science, and her handmaid Steam!
  They make Utopia only half a dream;
    And show the fervent, of capacious souls,
      Who watch the ball of Progress as it rolls,
        That all as yet completed, or begun
          Is but the dawning that precedes the sun.
      - [Science]

Every man's experience of to-day is that he was a fool yesterday and the day before yesterday. To-morrow he will most likely be of exactly the same opinion.
      - [Experience]

Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.
      - [Groups]

The old thoughts never die. Immortal dreams
  Outlive their dreamers and are ours for aye;
    No thought once form'd and utter'd cart expire.
      - [Thought]

Woman may err, woman may give her mind
  To evil thoughts, and lose her pure estate;
    But for one woman who affronts her kind
      By wicked passions and remorseless hate,
        A thousand make amends in age and youth,
          By heavenly pity, by sweet sympathy,
            By patient kindness, by enduring truth,
              By love, supremest in adversity.
      - [Women]

Aid the dawning, tongue and pen:
  Aid it, hopes of honest men!
      - Clear the Way [Help]

There's a fount about to stream,
  There's a light about to beam,
    There's a warmth about to glow,
      There's a flower about to blow;
        There's a midnight blackness changing
          Into gray;
            Men of thought and men of action,
              Clear the way.
      - Clear the Way, in "Voices from the Crowd"

Cleon hath ten thousand acres,--
  Ne'er a one have I;
    Cleon dwelleth in a place,--
      In a cottage I.
      - Cleon and I [Possession]

But the sunshine aye shall light the sky,
  As round and round we run;
    And the Truth shall ever come uppermost,
      And Justice shall be done.
      - Eternal Justice (st. 4) [Justice]

Some love to roam o'er the dark sea's foam,
  Where the shrill winds whistle free.
      - Some Love to Roam [Navigation]

Tell me, ye winged winds
  That round my pathway roar,
    Know ye not some spot
      Where mortals weep no more?
      - Tell Me Ye Winged Winds--The Inquiry

Water is the mother of the vine,
  The nurse and fountain of fecundity,
    The adorner and refresher of the world.
      - The Dionysia [Water]

There's a good time coming, boys;
  A good time coming:
    We may not live to see the day,
      But earth shall glisten in the ray
        Of the good time coming.
          Cannon-balls may aid the truth,
            But thought's a weapon stronger;
              We'll win out battle by its aid,
                Wait a little longer.
      - The Good Time Coming [Future]

War in men's eyes shall be
  A monster of iniquity
    In the good time coming.
      Nations shall not quarrel then,
        To prove which is the stronger;
          Nor slaughter men for glory's sake;--
            Wait a little longer.
      - The Good Time Coming [War]

There is no such thing as death.
  In nature nothing dies.
    From each sad remnant of decay
      Some forms of life arise.
      - There is No Such Thing as Death [Death]

And he sang: "Hurra for my handiwork!"
  And the red sparks lit the air;
    Not alone for the blade was the bright steel made;
      And he fashioned the first ploughshare.
      - Tubal Cain (st. 4) [Blacksmithing]

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