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Those who live on expectation are sure to be disappointed.
      - Joachim Murat

Blessed is he who expects nothing for he shall never be disappointed.
      - Alexander Pope, in a letter to Gay

'T is expectation makes a blessing dear.
      - Alexander Pope

Expectation whirls me round.
  The imaginary relish is so sweet
    That it enchants my sense.
      - William Shakespeare

How slow
  This old moon wanes! she lingers my desires,
    Like to a stepdame, or a dowager,
      Long withering out a young man's revenue.
      - William Shakespeare

Oft expectation fails, and most oft there
  Where most it promises; and oft it hits
    Where hope is coldest and despair most fits.
      - William Shakespeare,
        All's Well That Ends Well
         (Helena at II, i)

Many a time and oft
  Have you climbed up to walls and battlements,
    To tow'rs and windows, yea, to chimney tops,
      Your infants in your arms, and there have sat
        The livelong day, with patient expectation,
          To see great Pompey pass the streets of Rome.
      - William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar
         (Marullus at I, i)

He hath borne himself beyond the promise of his age, doing in the figure of a lamb the feats of a lion. He hath indeed bettered expectation than you must expect of me to tell you how.
      - William Shakespeare,
        Much Ado About Nothing
         (Messenger at I, i)

I am giddy; expectation whirls me round.
  Th' imaginary relish is so sweet
    That it enchants my sense.
      - William Shakespeare,
        The History of Troilus and Cressida
         (Troilus at III, ii)

Promising is the very air o' th' time; it opens the eyes of expectation. Performance is ever duller for his act; and, but in the plainer and simpler kind of people, the deed of saying is quite out of use. To promise is most courtly and fashionable; performance is a kind of will or testament which argues a great sickness in his judgment that makes it.
      - William Shakespeare,
        The Life of Timon of Athens
         (Painter at V, i)

'Tis expectation makes a blessing dear;
  Heaven were not Heaven, if we knew what it were.
      - Sir John Suckling, Against Fruition

Although I enter not,
  Yet round about the spot
    Ofttimes I hover;
      And near the sacred gate,
        With longing eyes I wait,
          Expectant of her.
      - William Makepeace Thackeray,
        Pendennis--At the Church Gate

'Tis silence all,
  And pleasing expectation.
      - James Thomson (1), Seasons--Spring
         (l. 160)

Oh! how impatience gains upon the soul
  When the long-promis'd hour of joy draws near!
    How slow the tardy moments seem to roll!
      What spectres rise of inconsistent fear!
      - Mrs. Mary B. Tighe

We anticipate our own happiness, and eat out the heart and sweetness of worldly pleasures by delightful forethought of them.
      - John Tillotson

High expectations are the key to everything.
      - Sam Walton

It is folly to expect men to do all that they may reasonably be expected to do.
      - Archbishop Richard Whately, Apophthegms

Blessed are those that nought expect,
  For they shall not be disappointed.
      - Dr. John Wolcot (Wolcott or Woolcott) (used pseudonym Peter Pindar),
        Ode to Pitt

We should not expect people to be good, but should make it impossible for them to be bad.
      - Lin Yutang

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