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Where did you get your eyes so blue?
  Out of the sky as I came through.
      - George MacDonald,
        Song--At the Back of the North Wind
         (ch. XXXIII)

Among the blind the one-eyed blinkard reigns.
      - Andrew Marvell, the Younger,
        Description of Holland

A heaven of dreams in her large lotus eyes, darkly divine.
      - Gerald Massey

The curious questioning eye, that plucks the heart of every mystery.
      - Grenville Mellen

True eyes, too pure and too honest in aught to disguise the sweet soul shining through them.
      - Owen Meredith (pseudonym of Edward Robert Bulwer Lytton, Lord Lytton)

Soul-deep eyes of darkest night.
      - Joaquin Miller (pseudonym of Cincinnatus Hiner Miller)

Why was the sight to such a tender ball as the eye confined, so obvious and so easy to be quenched, and not, as feeling, through all parts diffused, that she might look at will through every pore?
      - John Milton

And looks commercing with the skies,
  Thy rapt soul sitting in thine eyes.
      - John Milton, Il Penseroso (l. 39)

Ladies, whose bright eyes
  Rain influence.
      - John Milton, L'Allegro (l. 121)

If you wish to love, it shall be, by my faith, for their beautiful eyes.
  [Fr., Si vous les voulez aimer, ce sera, ma foi, pour leurs beaux yeux.]
      - Moliere (pseudonym of Jean Baptiste Poquelin),
        Les Precieuses Ridicules (XVI)

Lovers are angry, reconciled, entreat, thank, appoint, and finally speak all things, by their.
      - Michel Eyquem de Montaigne

With eyes
  Of microscopic power, that could discern
    The population of a dew-drop.
      - James Montgomery

And then her look--Oh, where's the heart so wise
  Could, unbewilder'd, meet those matchless eyes?
    Quick, restless, strange, but exquisite withal,
      Like those of angels.
      - Thomas Moore

Gradual as the snow, at heaven's breath, melts off and shows the azure flowers beneath, her lids unclosed, and the bright eyes were seen.
      - Thomas Moore

Such eyes as may have looked from heaven, but never were raised to it be-fore!
      - Thomas Moore

And the world's so rich in resplendent eyes,
  'Twere a pity to limit one's love to a pair.
      - Thomas Moore, 'Tis Sweet to Think

And violets, transform'd to eyes,
  Inshrined a soul within their blue.
      - Thomas Moore,
        Evenings in Greece--Second Evening

Eyes of most unholy blue!
      - Thomas Moore,
        Irish Melodies--By that Lake whose Gloomy Shore

Those eyes, whose light seem'd rather given
  To be ador'd than to adore--
    Such eyes as may have looked from heaven,
      But ne'er were raised to it before!
      - Thomas Moore,
        Loves of the Angels--Third Angel's Story
         (st. 7)

All German cities are blind, Nurnberg alone sees with one eye.
      - Friedrich Nuchter, Albrecht Durer (p. 8),
        (English translation by Lucy D. Williams)

Beneath her drooping lashes slept a world of eloquent meaning; passionate but pure, dreamy, subdued, but, oh, how beautiful!
      - Frances Sargent Osgood

Those laughing orbs, that borrow
  From azure-skies the light they wear,
    Are like heaven--no sorrow
      Can float o'er hues so fair.
      - Frances Sargent Osgood

Thou my star at the stars are gazing
  Would I were heaven that I might behold thee with many eyes.
      - Plautus (Titus Maccius Plautus),
        From "Greek Anthology"

One eye-witness is of more weight than ten hearsays. Those who hear, speak of shat they have heard; whose who see, know beyond mistake.
  [Lat., Pluris est oculatus testis unus, quam auriti decem.
    Qui audiunt, audita dicunt; qui vident, plane sciunt.]
      - Plautus (Titus Maccius Plautus),
        Truculentus (II, 6, 8)

His eyes have all the seeming of a demon's that is dreaming.
      - Edgar Allan Poe

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