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Grief still treads upon the heels of pleasure.
      - William Congreve

Nothing speaks our grief so well as to speak nothing.
      - Richard Crashaw

No greater grief than to remember days of joy when misery is at hand.
      - Dante ("Dante Alighieri")

How beautiful is sorrow when it is dressed by virgin innocence! it makes felicity in others seem deformed.
      - Sir William D'Avenant

Grief is the agony of an instant; the indulgence of grief the blunder of a life.
      - Benjamin Disraeli, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield

The indulgence in grief is a blunder.
      - Benjamin Disraeli, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield

Trembling lips, tuned to such grief that they say bright words sadly.
      - Sydney Thompson Dobell

Alas! I have not words to tell my grief;
  To vent my sorrow would be some relief;
    Light sufferings give us leisure to complain;
      We groan, we cannot speak, in greater pain.
      - John Dryden

Griefs assured are felt before they come.
      - John Dryden

Truly, it is in darkness that one finds the light, so when we are in sorrow, then this light is nearest of all to us.
      - Johann Echkart (Meister Eckhart)

I grieve that grief can teach me nothing, nor carry me one step into real nature.
      - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The only thing that grief has taught me is to know how shallow it is.
      - Ralph Waldo Emerson

There are moods in which we court suffering, in the hope that here, at least, we shall find reality, sharp peaks and edges of truth. But it turns out to be scene-painting and counterfeit. The only thing grief has taught me is to know how shallow it is.
      - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Be free from grief not through insensibility like the irrational animals, nor through want of thought like the foolish, but like a man of virtue by having reason as the consolation of grief.
      - Epictetus

Were floods of tears to be unloosed
  In tribute to my grief,
    The doves of Noah ne'er had roost
      Nor found an olive-leaf.
      - Abraham ben Meir Ibn Ezra

Good is that darkening of our lives,
  Which only God can brighten;
    But better still that hopeless load,
      Which none but God can lighten.
      - Rev. Frederick William Faber

Grief or misfortune seems to be indispensable to the development of intelligence, energy, and virtue. The proofs to which the people are submitted, as with individuals, are necessary then to draw them from their lethargy, to disclose their character.
      - Fearon

To spare oneself from grief at all cost can be achieved only at the price of total detachment, which excludes the ability to experience happiness.
      - Erich Fromm

Grief is a flower as delicate and prompt to fade as happiness. Still, it does not wholly die. Like the magic rose, dried and unrecognizable, a warm air breathed on it will suffice to renew its bloom.
      - Madame Gasparin

Grief is the culture of the soul, it is the true fertilizer.
      - Madame Delphine Gay de Girardin

Those who weep recover more quickly than those who smile.
      - Jean Giraudoux

He who is resolute conquers grief.
      - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The sickness of the heart is most easily got rid of by complaining and soothing confidence.
      - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

There is yet a silent agony in which the mind appears to disdain all external help, and broods over its distresses with gloomy reserve. This is the most dangerous state of mind; accidents or friendships may lessen the louder kinds of grief, but all remedies for this must be had from within, and there despair too often finds the most deadly enemy.
      - Oliver Goldsmith

In all the silent manliness of grief.
      - Oliver Goldsmith, The Deserted Village
         (l. 384)

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