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English poet and dramatist
(1573? - 1637)
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The soul of man is infinite in what it covets.
      - [Covetousness]

The two chief things that give a man reputation in counsel, are the opinion of his honesty, and the opinion of his wisdom; the authority of those two will persuade.
      - [Reputation]

There is no bounty to be showed to such
  As have real goodness: Bounty is
    A spice of virtue; and what virtuous act
      Can take effect on them that have no power
        Of equal habitude to apprehend it?
      - [Benevolence]

They talk as they are wont, not as I merit; traduce by custom, as most dogs do bark.
      - [Slander]

They that know no evil will suspect none.
      - [Innocence]

They utter all they think with violence.
      - [Dogmatism]

This is the danger, when vice becomes a precedent.
      - [Vice]

Those whose tongues are gentlemen ushers to their wit, and still go before it.
      - [Talking]

'Tis, mot the wholesome sharp morality,
  Or modest anger of a satiric spirit,
    That hurts or wounds the body of a state,
      But the sinister application
        Of the malicious, ignorant, and base
          Interpreter; who will distort and strain
            The general scope and purpose of an author
              To his particular and private spleen.
      - [Critics]

To struggle when hope is banished!
  To live when life's salt is gone!
    To dwell in a dream's that Vanished!
      To endure, and go calmly on!
      - [Courage]

True gladness doth not always speak; joy, bred and born but in the tongue, is weak.
      - [Gladness]

Underneath this sable herse
  Lies the subject of all verse,--
    Sydneye's sister, Pembroke's mother.
      Death, ere thou hast slaine another,
        Faire and learn'd and good as she,
          Tyme shall throw a dart at thee.
      - attributed to,
        epitaph on the Countess of Pembroke

Very few men are wise by their own counsel, or learned by their own teaching; for he that was only taught by himself had a fool to his master.
      - [Education]

When a virtuous man is raised, it brings gladness to his friends, grief to his enemies, and glory to his posterity.
      - [Honor]

When affliction thunders over our roofs, to hide our heads, and run into our graves, shows us no men, but makes us fortune's slaves.
      - [Suicide]

Who casts to write a living line, must sweat.
      - [Writing]

Whom the disease of talking still once possesseth, he can never hold his peace. Nay, rather than he will not discourse he will hire men to hear him.
      - [Talking]

Whosoever loves not picture is injurious to truth, and all the wisdom of poetry. Picture is the invention of heaven, the most ancient and most akin to nature. It is itself a silent work, and always one and the same habit.
      - [Pictures]

Wine it is the milk of Venus,
  And the poet's horse accounted:
    Ply it and you all are mounted.
      - from the lines over the door of the "Apollo"
        [Wine and Spirits]

And I had lent my watch last night to one
  That dines to-day at the sheriff's.
      - Alchemist (act I, sc. 1) [Clocks : Jewels]

Fortune, that favours fools.
      - Alchemist--Prologue--Every Man Out of His Humour
         (I, 1) [Fortune]

Neither do thou lust after that tawney weed tobacco.
      - Bartholomew Fair (act II, sc. 6) [Tobacco]

Where it concerns himself,
  Who's angry at a slander, makes it true.
      - Catiline (act III, sc. 1)
        [Proverbs : Slander]

Bad men excuse their faults, good men will leave them.
      - Catiline (act III, sc. 2) [Faults]

The dignity of truth is lost
  With much protesting.
      - Catiline (act III, sc. 2) [Dignity]

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