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Dutch scholar, philosopher and writer
(1465 - 1536)
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Apothegms are, in history, the same as the pearls in the sand, or the gold in the mine.
      - [Apothegms]

As a looking-glass, if it is a true one, faithfully represents the face of him that looks in it, so a wife ought to fashion herself to the affection of her husband, not to be cheerful when he is sad, nor sad when he is cheerful.
      - [Matrimony]

As Plato entertained some friends in a room where there was a couch richly ornamented, Diogenes came in very dirty, as usual, and getting upon the couch, and trampling on it, said, "I trample upon the pride of Plato." Plato mildly answered, "But with greater pride, Diogenes!"
      - [Pride]

Charity resembleth fire, which inflameth all things it toucheth.
      - [Charity]

Experience is the common schoolhouse of fools and ill men. Men of wit and honesty be otherwise instructed.
      - [Experience]

Great abundance of riches cannot be gathered and kept by any man without sin.
      - [Abundance]

His eloquent tongue so well seconds his fertile invention that no one speaks better when suddenly called forth. His attention never languishes; his mind is always before his words; his memory has all its stock so turned into ready money that, without hesitation or delay, it supplies whatever the occasion may require.
      - [Eloquence]

I talk of cheese, you of chalk.
      - [Proverbs]

If a man get a fever, or a pain in the head with overdrinking, we are subject to curse the wine, when we should rather impute it to ourselves for the excess.
      - [Excess]

If you had taken off the shoe then, at length you would feel in what part it pinched you.
  [Lat., Si calceum induisses, tum demum sentires qua parte te urgeret.]
      - quoted by,
        as founded on the remarks of Paulus Aemilius when he divorced his wife

It is in vain to gather virtues without humility; for the Spirit of God delighteth to dwell in the hearts of the humble.
      - [Humility]

(Julian would learn something) even if he had one foot in the grave.
  [Lat., Etsi alterum pedem in sepulchro haberem.]
      - quoting Pomponius, of Julian, original phrase one foot in the ferry boat, Charon's boat

Love that has nothing but beauty to keep it in good health is short-lived, and apt to have ague fits.
      - [Beauty]

Man is to man a god or a wolf.
      - [Man : Proverbs]

Not even the gods can withstand necessity.
      - [Proverbs]

Oh, the incomparable contrivance of Nature, who has ordered all things in so even a method that wherever she has been less bountiful in her gifts, there she makes it up with a larger dose of self-love, which supplies the former deficits and makes all even.
      - [Self-love]

Prevention is better than cure.
      - [Proverbs : Sickness]

Providence has decreed that those common acquisitions--money, gems, plate, noble mansions and dominion--should be sometimes bestowed on the indolent and unworthy; but those things which constitute our true riches, and which are properly our own, must be procured by our own labor.
      - [Riches]

The habit does not make the monk.
  [Lat., Cucullus (or Cuculla) non facit monachum.]
      - quoted by [Appearance]

This I always religiously observed, as a rule, never to chide my husband before company nor to prattle abroad of miscarriages at home. What passes between two people is much easier made up than when once it has taken air.
      - [Talking]

War is delightful to those who had no experience of it.
      - [War]

When he (Luther) was angry, invectives rushed from him like boulder rocks down a mountain torrent in flood.
      - [Vituperation]

Of two evils choose the least.
  [Lat., E duobus malis minimum eligendum.]
      - Adages [Evil : Proverbs]

Concealed talent brings no reputation.
  [Lat., Occultae musices nullus respectus.]
      - Adagia [Talent]

The fox has many tricks, the hedgehog only one.
  [Lat., Multa novit vulpes, verum echinus unum magnum.]
      - Adagia [Foxes]

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