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Welsh poet
(1593 - 1633)
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You cannot know wine by the barrell.
  [You cannot know the wine by the barrel.]
      - Jacula Prudentum
        [Proverbs : Wine and Spirits]

You cannot make a wind-mill goe with a paire of bellowes.
      - Jacula Prudentum [Proverbs]

You cannot make the fire so low but it will get out.
      - Jacula Prudentum [Proverbs]

You may be on land, yet not in a garden.
      - Jacula Prudentum [Proverbs]

You may bring a horse to the river, but he will drinke when and what he pleaseth.
      - Jacula Prudentum [Proverbs]

You must loose a flie to catch a trout.
  [You must lose a fly to catch a trout.]
      - Jacula Prudentum [Fishing : Proverbs : Trout]

You must strike in measure, when there are many to strike on one Anvile.
      - Jacula Prudentum [Proverbs]

Your pot broken seemes better then my whole one.
      - Jacula Prudentum [Proverbs]

Your thoughts close, and your countenance loose.
      - Jacula Prudentum [Proverbs]

I made a posy, while the day ran by:
  Here will I smell my remnant out, and tie
    My life within this band.
      But time did beckon to the flowers, and they
        By noon most cunningly did steal away,
          And wither'd in my hand.
      - Life [Life]

When thou dost tell another's jest, therein
  Omit the oaths, which true wit cannot need;
    Pick out of tales the mirth, but not the sin.
      - Temple--Church Porch (st. 11)
        [Story Telling]

Less at thine own things laugh; lest in the jest
  Thy person share, and the conceit advance,
    Make not thy sport abuses: for the fly
      That feeds on dung is colored thereby.
      - Temple--Church Porch (st. 39) [Jesting]

Wit's an unruly engine, wildly striking
  Sometimes a friend, sometimes the engineer:
    Hast thou the knack? pamper it not with liking;
      But if thou want it, buy it not too deare
        Many affecting wit beyond their power,
          Have got to be a deare fool for an houre.
      - Temple--Church Porch (st. 41) [Injury : Wit]

Be calm in arguing; for fierceness makes
  Error a fault, and truth discourtesy.
      - Temple--Church Porch (st. 52) [Argument]

Let thy mind still be bent, still plotting, where,
  And when, and how thy business may be done.
    Slackness breeds worms; but the sure traveller,
      Though he alights sometimes still goeth on.
      - Temple--Church Porch (st. 57) [Action]

Dresse and undresse thy soul: mark the decay
  And growth of it: if, with thy watch, that too
    Be down, then winde up both: since we shall be
      Most surely judged, make thy accounts agree.
      - Temple--Church Porch (st. 76) [Religion]

Man is all symmetrie,
  Full of proportions, one limbe to another,
    And all to all the world besides:
      Each part may call the farthest, brother:
        For head with foot hath privite amitie,
          And both with moons and tides.
      - Temple--The Church Man [Man]

Man is one world, and hath
  Another to attend him.
      - Temple--The Church Man [Man]

Sundaies observe: think when the bells do chime,
  'Tis angel's musick; therefore come not late.
      - Temple--The Church Porch (st. 65)

Resort to sermons, but to prayers most:
  Praying's the end of preaching.
      - Temple--The Church Porch (st. 69) [Prayer]

Drink not the third glass, which thou canst not tame,
  When once it is within thee; but before
    Mayst rule it, as thou list: and pour the shame,
      Which it would pour on thee, upon the floor.
        It is most just to throw that on the ground,
          Which would throw me there, if I keep the round.
      - Temple--The Church Porch--Perirrhanterium
         (st. 5) [Temperance]

Who goes to bed, and doth not pray,
  Maketh two nights to every day!
      - Temple--The Church--Charms and Knots
         (st. 4) [Prayer]

The Sundaies of man's life,
  Thredded together on time's string,
    Make bracelets to adorn the wife
      Of the eternal, glorious King.
        On Sunday heaven's gates stand ope;
          Blessings are plentiful and rife.
            More plentiful than hope.
      - Temple--The Church--Sunday [Sabbath]

Religion stands on tiptoe in our land,
  Ready to pass to the American strand.
      - The Church Militant (l. 235) [Religion]

Sink not in spirit; who aimeth at the sky
  Shoots higher much than he that means a tree.
      - The Church Porch [Success]

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