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American author and editor
(1824 - 1892)
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A journal should be neither an echo nor a pander.
      - [Journalism]

Age * * * * * is a matter of feeling, not of years.
      - [Age]

Age is a matter of feeling, not of years.
      - [Age]

Books are the ever-burning lamps of accumulated wisdom.
      - [Books]

Books of entertainment first led Adam Clarke to believe in a spiritual world.
      - [Novels]

Criticism is not construction, it is observation.
      - [Criticism]

Good taste consists first upon fitness.
      - [Taste]

Happiness lies, first of all, in health.
      - [Happiness]

Heroes in history seem to us poetic because they are there. But if we should tell the simple truth of some of our neighbors, it would sound like poetry.
      - [Heroes]

I think that to have known one good, old man--one man, who, through the chances and mischances of a long life, has carried his heart in his hand, like a palm-branch, waving all discards into peace--helps our faith in God, in ourselves, and in each other more than many sermons.
      - [Age]

If we were to fancy a wholly Christianized world, it would be a world inspired by the spirit of Christmas--a bright, friendly, beneficent, generous, sympathetic, mutually helpful world. A man who is habitually mean, selfish, narrow, is a man without Christmas in his soul. Let us cling to Christmas all the more as a day of the spirit which in every age some souls have believed to be the possible spirit of human society. The earnest faith and untiring endeavor which see in Christmas a forecast are more truly Christian, surely, than the pleasant cynicism of Atheists, etc., which smiles upon it as the festival of a futile hope. Meanwhile we may reflect that from good natured hopelessness to a Christmas world may not be farther than from star dust to a solar system.
      - [Christmas]

In that vast march, the van forgets the rear; the individual is lost; and yet the multitude is many individuals. He faints and falls and dies; man is forgotten; but still mankind move on, still worlds revolve, and the will of God is done in earth and heaven.
      - [Man]

In the journey of the year, the autumn is Venice, spring is Naples, certainly, and the majestic maturity of summer is Rome.
      - [Seasons]

It is the most human and kindly of seasons, as fully penetrated and irradiated with the feeling of human brotherhood, which is the essential spirit of Christianity, as the month of June with sunshine and the balmy breath of roses.
      - [Christmas]

Our great social and political advantage is opportunity.
      - [Opportunity]

Patriotism is the vital condition of national permanence.
      - [Patriotism]

Progress begins with the minority. It is completed by persuading the majority, by showing the reason and the of the step forward, and that is accomplished by appealing to the intelligence of the majority.
      - [Progress]

Prussia is great because her people are intelligent. They know the alphabet. The alphabet is conquering the world.
      - [Education]

Stratagem is the right hand of cunning.
      - [Cunning]

The ever-burning lamp of accumulated wisdom.
      - [Experience]

The lovely legends of the day; the stories and the songs and the half-fairy lore that gather around it; the ancient traditions of dusky woods and mystic rites; the magnificence or simplicity of Christian observance, from the pope in his triple tiara, borne upon his portative throne in gorgeous state to celebrate pontifical high mass at the great altar of St. Peter's, to George Herbert humbly kneeling in his rustic church at Bemerton, or to the bare service in some missionary chapel upon the American frontier; the lighting of Christmas trees and hanging up of Christmas stockings, the profuse giving, the happy family meetings, the dinner, the game, the dance they are all the natural signs and symbols, the flower and fruit, of Christmas. For Christmas is the day of days which declares the universal human consciousness that peace on earth comes only from good will to men.
      - [Christmas]

The sure foundations of the State are laid in knowledge, not in ignorance; and every sneer at education, at culture, at book learning, which is the recorded wisdom of the experience of mankind, is the demagogue's sneer at intelligent liberty, inviting national degeneracy and ruin.
      - [Knowledge]

The test of civilization is the estimate of woman.
      - [Women]

The world is not made for the prosperous alone, nor for the strong.
      - [World]

Through all history, from the beginning, a noble army of martyrs have fought fiercely and fallen bravely for that unseen mistress, their country. So, through all history, to the end, as long as men believe in God that army must still march and fall, recruited only from the flower of mankind, cheered only by their own hope of humanity, strong only in the confidence of their cause.
      - [Decoration Day]

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