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French novelist
(1799 - 1850)
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The Police and the Society of Jesus posses in common the virtue of never forsaking their enemies as friends.
      - [Enemies]

The press is like a woman: sublime when it lies, it will not let go until it has forced you to believe it. The public, like a foolish husband, always succumbs.
      - [Press]

The privilege of feeling at home everywhere belongs only to kings, wolves and robbers.
      - [Home]

The prodigality of millionaires is comparable only to their greed of gain. Let some whim or passion seize them and money is of no account. In fact these Croesuses find whims and passions harder to come by than gold.
      - [Extravagance : Greed]

The secret of the nobility and beauty of great ladies lies in the art with which they can shed their veils. In such situations, they become like ancient statues. If they kept the merest scarf on, they would be lewd. Your bourgeois woman will always try to cover her nakedness.
      - [Nakedness]

The weakest being on earth can accomplish feats of strength. The frailest urchin will ring every doorbell on the street in arctic weather or hoist himself aloft to inscribe his name on a virgin monument.
      - [Capacity]

The winter's frost must rend the burr of the nut before the fruit is seen. So adversity tempers the human heart, to discover its real worth.
      - [Adversity]

The world will avenge itself upon all happiness in which it has no share.
      - [Happiness : Revenge]

The wounds of self-love turn incurable when the oxide of self-love gets into them.
      - [Self-love]

There are as many mediocrities exalted through pity as masters decried through envy.
      - [Envy : Pity]

There are no little events with the heart. It magnifies everything; it places in the same scale the fall of an empire and the dropping of a woman's glove, and almost always the glove weighs more than the empire.
      - [Heart : Love]

There are two kinds of poets: those who feel and those who express themselves. The former are happier.
      - [Poets]

There are words which cut like steel.
      - [Words]

There is nothing original; all is reflected light.
      - [Plagiarism]

Though your vulgarian does not readily admit that feelings can change overnight, certainly two lovers often part far more abruptly than they came together.
      - [Love]

Thought is the only treasure that God sets outside all power and keeps to serve as a secret link among the unhappy.
      - [Thought]

To feel, to love, to suffer, to devote herself, will always be the text of the life of woman.
      - [Devotion]

To forget is the great secret of strong creative natures; to forget is the way nature herself who knows no past and who at every hour begins the mysteries of her untiring labors afresh.
      - [Forgetfulness]

To get a traveling salesman drunk is the height of impossibility.
      - [Impossibility]

To have fame follow us is well, but it is not a desirable avant-courier.
      - [Fame]

To lese-majeste and contempt of court, we must add the crime of lese-million, that fearful indignity we visit on the rich when we expose the impotence of gold.
      - [Money]

To man, faith; to woman, doubt. She bears the heavier burden. Does not woman invariably suffer for two?
      - [Suffering : Women]

To provoke laughter without joining in it greatly heightens the effect.
      - [Laughter]

To say to a rich man: You are poor! is to tell the Archbishop of Granada that his sermons are worthless.
      - [Worth]

To speak of love is to make love.
      - [Love]

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