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Swiss philosopher and writer
(1712 - 1778)
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That which renders life burdensome to us generally arises from the abuse of it.
      - [Ennui]

The empire of woman is an empire of softness, of address, of complacency. Her commands are caresses, her menaces are tears.
      - [Women]

The greater number of nations, as of men, are only impressible in their youth; they become incorrigible as they grow old.
      - [Nation]

The infant, on opening his eyes, ought to see his country, and to the hour of his death never lose sight of it.
  [Fr., Un enfant en ouvrant ses yeux doit voir la patrie, et jusqu'a la mort ne voir qu'elle.]
      - [Love of Country]

The majesty of the Scriptures strikes me with admiration, as the purity of the gospel has its influence on my heart.
      - [Scripture]

The man is best served who has no occasion to put the hands of others at the end of his own arms.
      - [Independence]

The mind grows narrow in proportion as the soul grows corrupt.
      - [Mind]

The opportunity of making happy is more scarce than we imagine; the punishment of missing it is, never to meet with it again; and the use we make of it leaves us an eternal sentiment of satisfaction or repentance.
      - [Benevolence]

The passions are the voice of the body.
      - [Passion]

The person who has lived the most is not the one with the most years, but the one with the richest experiences.
      - [Life]

The science of government is only a science of combinations, of applications, and of exceptions, according to times, places and circumstances.
      - [Government]

The tone of good conversation is brilliant and natural; it is neither tedious nor frivolous; it is instructive without pedantry, gay without tumultuousness, polished without affectation, gallant without insipidity, waggish without equivocation.
      - [Conversation]

The training of children is a profession where we must know to lose time in order to gain it.
      - [Childhood : Children]

The truths of the Scriptures are so marked and inimitable, that the inventor would be more of a miraculous character than the hero.
      - [Scripture]

The want of occupation is no less the plague of society than of solitude.
      - [Indolence]

The warder of the mind.
      - [Voice]

The world is the book of women. Whatever knowledge they may possess is more commonly acquired by observation than by reading.
      - [Women]

The world is woman's book.
  [Fr., Le monde est le livre des femmes.]
      - [World]

The world of reality has its limits, the world of imagination is boundless.
      - [Imagination : Reality]

The writings of women are always cold and pretty like themselves. There is as much wit as you may desire, but never any soul.
      - [Literature]

There is no folly of which a man who is not a fool cannot get rid except vanity; of this nothing cures a man except experience of its bad consequences, if indeed anything can cure it.
      - [Vanity]

To abstain that we may enjoy is the epicurianism of reason.
  [Fr., L'abstenir pur jouir, c'est l'epicurisme de la raison.]
      - [Eating]

To endure is the first thing a child ought to learn, and that which he will have most need to know.
      - [Endurance]

To live is not merely to breathe: it is to act; it is to make use of our organs, senses, senses, faculties,--of all of our parts of ourselves which give us the feeling of existence.
      - [Action]

To try to conceal our own heart is a bad means to read that of others.
      - [Heart]

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