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English bishop, moral philosopher, satirist and miscellaneous writer
(1574 - 1656)
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It is no small commendation to manage a little well. He is a good waggoner that can turn in a little room. To live well in abundance is the praise to the estate, is the praise not of the person. I will study more how to give a good account of my little, than how to make it more.
      - [Economy]

It is not he that reads most, but he that meditates most on Divine truth, that will prove the choicest, wisest, strongest Christian.
      - [Meditation]

It is not sin that kills the soul, but impenitence.
      - [Impenitence]

Let your words be few and digested; it is a shame for the tongue to cry the heart mercy, much more to cast itself upon the uncertain pardon of other's ears.
      - [Talking]

Moderation is the silken string running through the pearl chain of all virtues.
      - [Moderation]

Neutrality in things good or evil is both odious and prejudicial; but in matters of an indifferent nature is safe and commendable. Herein taking of parts maketh sides, and breaketh unity. In an unjust cause of separation, he that favoreth both parts may perhaps have least love of either side, but hath most charity in himself.
      - [Neutrality]

Not only commission makes a sin. A man is guilty of all those sins he hateth not. If I cannot avoid all, yet I will hate all.
      - [Sin]

Now you say, alas! Christianity is hard; I grant it; but gainful and happy. I contemn the difficulty when I respect the advantage. The greatest labors that have answerable requitals are less than the least that have no regard. Believe me, when I look to the reward, I would not have the work easier. It is a good Master whom we serve, who not only pays, but gives; not after the proportion of our earnings, but of His own mercy.
      - [Christianity]

Our body is a well-set clock, which keeps good time, but if it be too much or indiscreetly tampered with, the alarm runs out before the hour.
      - [Body]

Our good purposes foreslowed are become our tormentors upon our deathbed.
      - [Procrastination]

Perfection is the child of time.
      - [Perfection]

Recreation is intended to the mind as whetting is to the scythe, to sharpen the edge of it, which otherwise would grow dull and blunt,--as good no scythe as no edge.
      - [Recreation]

Revenge commonly hurts both the offerer and sufferer; as we see in a foolish bee, which in her anger invenometh the flesh and loseth her sting, and so lives a drone ever after.
      - [Revenge]

Rich people who are covetous are like the cypress-tree,--they may appeal well, but are fruitless; so rich persons have the means to be generous, yet some are not so, but they should consider they are only trustees for what they possess, and should show their wealth to be more in doing good than merely in having it.
      - [Benevolence]

Seldom ever was any knowledge given to keep, but to impart; the grace of this rich jewel is lost in concealment.
      - [Knowledge]

Society is the atmosphere of souls; and we necessarily imbibe from it something which is either infectious or healthful.
      - [Society]

Sorrows, because they are lingering guests, I will entertain but moderately, knowing that the more they are made of, the longer they will continue; and for pleasures, because they stay not, and do but call to drink at my door, I will use them as passengers with slight respect. He is his own best friend that makes least of both of them.
      - [Sorrow]

Surely he is not a fool that hath unwise thoughts, but he that utters them.
      - [Fools]

Surely the mischief of hypocrisy can never be enough inveighed against. When religion is in request, it is the chief malady of the church, and numbers die of it; though because it is a subtle and inward evil, it be little perceived. It is to be feared there are many sick of it, that look well and comely in God's outward worship, and they may pass well in good weather, in times of peace; but days of adversity are days of trial.
      - [Hypocrisy]

That which the French proverb hath of sickness is true of all evils, that they come on horseback, and go away on foot; we have often seen a sudden fall or one meal's surfeit hath stuck by many to their graves; whereas pleasures come like oxen, slow, and heavily, and go away like post-horses, upon the spur.
      - [Evil]

The best ground untilled, soonest runs out into rank weeds. A man of knowledge that is negligent or uncorrected, cannot but grow wild and godless.
      - [Negligence]

The blood that is once inflamed with wine is apt to boil with rage.
      - [Wine and Spirits]

The ear and the eye are the mind's receivers; but the tongue is only busy in expending the treasures received. It, therefore, the revenues of the mind be uttered as fast or faster than they are received, it must needs be bare, and can never lay up for purchase.
      - [Talking]

The malcontent is neither well, full nor fasting; and though he abounds with complaints, yet nothing dislikes him but the present; for what he condemns while it was, once passed, he magnifies and strives to recall it out of the jaw of time. What he hath he seeth not, his eyes are so taken up with what he wants; and what he sees he careth not for, because be cares so much for that which is not.
      - [Discontent]

The proud man hath no God; the envious man hath no neighbor; the angry man hath not himself.
      - [Anger]

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