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Roman satirical poet
(c. 60 - 140)
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What is more cruel than a tyrant's ear?
  [Lat., Quid violentius aure tyranni?]
      - Satires (IV, 86) [Tyrants]

And there's a lust in man no charm can tame
  Of loudly publishing our neighbour's shame;
    On eagles' wings immortal scandals fly,
      While virtuous actions are but borne to die.
      - Satires (IX), (Harvey's translation)

And though you duck them ne'er so long,
  Not one salt drop e'er wets their tongue;
    On eagles' wings immortal scandals fly,
      While virtuous actions are but borne to die.
      - Satires (IX), (Harvey's translation)

The tongue is the vile slave's vilest part.
  [Lat., Lingua mali pars pessima servi.]
      - Satires (IX, 120) [Tongue]

The short bloom of our brief and narrow life flies fast away. While we are calling for flowers and wine and women, old age is upon us.
  [Lat., Festinat enim decurrere velox
    Flosculus angustae miseraeque brevissima vitae
      Portico; dum bibimus dum sera unguenta puellas
        Poscimus obrepit non intellecta senectus.]
      - Satires (IX, 127) [Life]

The noiseless foot of Time steals swiftly by
  And ere we dream of manhood, age is nigh.
      - Satires (IX, 129), (Gifford's translation)

The fisherman could perhaps be bought for less than the fish.
  [Lat., Potuit fortasse minoria
    Piscator quam piscis emi.]
      - Satires (satire IV, l. 26) [Fishermen]

Man, wretched man, whene'er he stoops to sin,
  Feels, with the act, a strong remorse within.
      - Satires (satire XIII, l. 1),
        (William Gifford's translation)

Be, as many now are, luxurious to yourself, parsimonious to your friends.
  [Lat., Esto, ut nunc multi, dives tibi pauper amicis.]
      - Satires (V, 115) [Selfishness]

To eat at another's table is your ambition's height.
  [Lat., Bona summa putes, aliena vivere quadra.]
      - Satires (V, 2) [Eating]

A rare bird upon the earth, and exceedingly like a black swan.
  [Lat., Rara avis in terris, nigroque simillima cygno.]
      - Satires (VI, 165) [Birds]

Everything is Greek, when it is more shameful to be ignorant of Latin.
  [Lat., Omnia Graece!
    Cum sit turpe magis nostris nescire Latine.]
      - Satires (VI, 187),
        (second line said to be spurious)

When a man's life is at stake no delay is too long.
  [Lat., Nulla unquam de morte cunctatio longa est.]
      - Satires (VI, 221) [Delay]

I will it, I order it, let my will stand for a reason.
  [Lat., Hoc volo, sic jubeo, sit pro ratione voluntas.]
      - Satires (VI, 223) [Reason]

There's scarce a case comes on but you shall find
  A woman's at the bottom.
    [Lat., Nulla fere causa est in qua non femina litem moverit.]
      - Satires (VI, 242) [Women]

All wish to be learned, but no one is willing to pay the price.
  [Lat., Nosse velint omnes, mercedem solvere nemo.]
      - Satires (VII, 157) [Learning]

A lucky man is rarer than a white crow.
  [Lat., Felix ille tamen corvo quoque rarior albo.]
      - Satires (VII, 202) [Luck]

An incurable itch for scribbling takes possession of many, and grows inveterate in their insane breasts.
  [Lat., Tenet insanabile multo
    Scribendi cacoethes, et aegro in corde senescit.]
      - Satires (VII, 51) [Authorship]

I only feel, but want the power to paint.
  [Lat., Nequeo monstrare et sentio tantum.]
      - Satires (VII, 56) [Painting]

Of what use are pedigrees, or to be thought of noble blood, or the display of family portraits, O Ponticus?
  [Lat., Stemmata quid faciunt, quid prodest, Pontice, longo,
    Sanguine censeri pictosque ostendere vultus.]
      - Satires (VIII, 1) [Ancestry]

Every vice makes its guilt the more conspicuous in proportion to the rank of the offender.
  [Lat., Omne animi vitium tanto conspectius in se
    Crimen habet, quanto major qui peccat habetur.]
      - Satires (VIII, 140) [Vice]

Virtue is the only and true nobility.
  [Lat., Nobilitas sola est atque unica virtus.]
      - Satires (VIII, 20) [Virtue]

Father of his country.
  [Lat., Pater pariae.]
      - Satires (VIII, 244),
        title bestowed on Cicero (64 BC) after his consulship

The venal herd.
  [Lat., Venale pecus.]
      - Satires (VIII, 62) [Public]

Common sense among men of fortune is rare.
  [Lat., Rarus enim ferme sunsus communis in illa
      - Satires (VIII, 73) [Wealth]

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