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German religious reformer
(1483 - 1546)
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A faithful and good servant is a real godsend; but truly 't is a rare bird in the land.
      - [Servants]

A preacher should have the skill to teach the unlearned simply roundly, and plainly; for teaching is of more importance than exhorting.
      - [Preaching]

A single little word can strike him dead.
  [Ger., Ein Wortlein kann ihn fallen.]
      - of the Pope [Words]

A wicked tyrant is better than a wicked war.
      - [Tyrants]

Against the flying ball no valor avails.
      - [Soldiers]

Albert Durer, the famous painter, used to say he had no pleasure in pictures that were painted with many colors, but in those which were painted with a choice simplicity. So it is with me as to sermons.
      - [Simplicity]

All which happens in the whole world happens through hope. No husbandman would sow a grain of corn if he did not hope it would spring up and bring forth the ear. How much more are we helped on by hope in the way to eternal life!
      - [Hope]

At the last, when we die, we have the dear angels for our escort on the way. They who can grasp the whole world in their hands can surely also guard our souls, that they make that last journey safely.
      - [Death]

Christian life consists of faith and charity.
      - [Christian]

Count it one of the highest virtues upon earth to educate faithfully the children of others, which so few, and scarcely any, do by their own.
      - [Teaching]

Earth has nothing more tender than a woman's heart when it is the abode of piety.
      - [Piety]

Even though they grow weary and wear themselves out with child-bearing, it does not matter; let them go on bearing children till they die, that is what they are there for.
      - [Women]

Every evening brings us nearer God.
      - [Evening]

Every great book is an action, and every great action is a book.
      - [Books]

Faith, like light, should ever be simple and unbending; while love, like warmth, should beam forth on every side, and bend to every necessity of our brethren.
      - [Faith]

For the devil is better pleased with coarse blockheads and with folks who are useful to nobody; because where such characters abound, then things do not go on prosperously here on earth.
      - [Devil]

For, where God built a church there the devil would also build a chapel. They imitated the Jews also in this, namely, that as the Most Holiest was dark, and had no light, even so and after the same manner did they make their shrines dark where the devil made answer. Thus is the devil ever God's ape.
      - [Devil]

God has set the type of marriage through creation. Each creature seeks its perfection in another.
      - [Celibacy]

God writes the gospel, not in the Bible alone, but on trees and flowers and clouds and stars.
      - [Gospel]

God's love gives in such a way that it flows from a Father's heart, the well-spring of all good. The heart of the giver makes the gift dear and precious; as among ourselves we say of even a trifling gift, "It comes from a hand we love," and look not so much at the gift as at the heart.
      - [Gifts]

Grace is given to heal the spiritually sick, not to decorate spiritual heroes.
      - [Grace]

Great God, what do I see and hear!
  The end of things created!
    The judge of mankind doth appear
      On clouds of glory seated!
        The trumpet sounds; the graves restore,
          The dead which they contained before;
            Prepare, my soul, to meet Him!
      - [Advent]

Great people and champions are special gifts of God, whom He gives and preserves; they do their work, and achieve great actions, not with vain imaginations, or cold and sleepy cogitations, but by motion of God.
      - [Greatness]

He who loves not wine, woman, and song,
  Remains a fool his whole life long.
    [Ger., Wer nicht liebt Wein, Weib, and Gesang,
      Der bleibt ein Narr sein Leben lang.]
      - attributed to,
        by Uhland in "Die Geisterkelter", found at end of Luther's "Tischreden, Proverbs"

He who receives a sacrament does not perform a good work; he receives a benefit. In the mass we give Christ nothing; we only receive from Him.
      - [Devout]

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