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Spanish author
(1547 - 1616)
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There's no taking trout with dry breeches.
      - Don Quixote (pt. II, ch. 71) [Trout]

Is it possible your pragmatical worship should not know that the comparisons made between wit and wit, courage and courage, beauty and beauty, birth and birth, are always odious and ill taken?
      - Don Quixote (pt. II, ch. I) [Comparison]

"There is no book so bad," said the bachelor, "but something good may be found in it."
      - Don Quixote (pt. II, ch. III) [Books]

This peck of troubles.
      - Don Quixote (pt. II, ch. LIII) [Trouble]

But my thoughts ran a wool-gathering; and I did like the countryman, who looked for his ass while he was mounted on his back.
      - Don Quixote (pt. II, ch. LVII)

My thoughts ran a wool-gathering.
      - Don Quixote (pt. II, ch. LVII) [Thought]

Spick and span new.
      - Don Quixote (pt. II, ch. LVIII) [Novelty]

Now, blessings light on him that first invented this same sleep! it covers a man all over, thoughts and all, like a cloak; it is meat for the hungry, drink for the thirsty, heat for the cold, and cold for the hot. It is the current coin that purchases all the pleasures of the world cheap; and the balance that sets the king and the shepherd, the fool and the wise man, even. There is only one thing, which somebody once put into my head, that I dislike in sleep; it is, that it resembles death; there is very little difference between a man in his first sleep, and a man in his last sleep.
      - Don Quixote (pt. II, ch. LXVIII) [Sleep]

Never look for birds of this year in the nests of the last.
      - Don Quixote (pt. II, ch. LXXIV) [Birds]

Spare your breath to cool your porridge.
      - Don Quixote (pt. II, ch. V) [Proverbs]

Sancho Panza by name is my own self, if I was not changed in my cradle.
      - Don Quixote (pt. II, ch. XXX) [Change]

All that glisters is not gold.
      - Don Quixote (pt. II, ch. XXXIII)

Honesty is the best policy.
      - Don Quixote (pt. II, ch. XXXIII)
        [Honesty : Proverbs]

I can look sharp as well as another, and let me alone keep the cobwebs out of my eyes.
      - Don Quixote (pt. II, ch. XXXIII)

I drink when I have occasion, and sometimes when I have no occasion.
      - Don Quixote (pt. II, ch. XXXIII)

I have other fish to fry.
      - Don Quixote (pt. II, ch. XXXV)
        [Fish : Proverbs]

Many go out for wool, and come home shorn themselves.
      - Don Quixote (pt. II, ch. XXXVII)

They had best not stir the rice, though it sticks to the pot.
      - Don Quixote (pt. II, ch. XXXVII) [Policy]

The pen is the tongue of the mind.
  [Sp., La pluma es lengua del alma.]
      - Don Quixote (V, 16) [Authorship]

He who lives well is the best preacher.
  [Lat., Bien predica quien bien vive.]
      - Don Quixote (VI, 19) [Life]

Whether the pitcher hits the stone or the stone hits the pitcher, it goes ill with the pitcher.
      - Don Quixote (vol. II, ch. XLIII)

Tell me thy company and I will tell thee what thou art.
      - Don Quixote (vol. III, pt. II, ch. XXIII),
        quoted in [Companionship]

A honest man's word is as good as his bond.
      - Don Quixote (vol. III, pt. II, ch. XXXIV)

Heaven's help is better than early rising.
      - Don Quixote (vol. III, pt. II, ch. XXXIV)

Every one is as God made him, and often a great deal worse.
  [Sp., Cada uno es come Dios le hijo, y aun peor muchas vezes.]
      - Don Quixote (XI, 5) [Character]

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