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American poet, essayist, journalist and dramatist
(1806 - 1867)
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Nature has thrown a veil of modest beauty over maidenhood and moss-roses.
      - [Maidenhood]

Nature's noblemen are everywhere,--in town and out of town, gloved and rough-handed, rich and poor. Prejudice against a lord, because he is a lord, is losing the chance of finding a good fellow, as much as prejudice against a ploughman because he is a ploughman.
      - [Nobility]

Night comes, with love upon the breeze,
  And the calm clock strikes, stilly, "ten!"
    I start to hear it beat, for then
      I know that thou art on thy knees--
        And at that hour, where'er thou be,
          Ascends to heaven a prayer for me!
      - [Prayer]

O, when the heart is, full, when bitter thoughts come crowding thickly up for utterance, and the poor common words of courtesy are such a very mockery, how much the bursting heart may pour itself in prayer!
      - [Prayer]

One gets, sensitive about losing mornings after getting a little used to them with living in a country. Each one of these endlessly varied daybreaks is an opera but once performed.
      - [Country Life]

One lamp, thy mother's love, amid the stars shall lift its pure flame changeless, and before the throne of God burn through eternity.
      - [Mothers]

Pitch a lucky man into the Nile, says the Arabian proverb, and he will come up with a fish in his mouth!
      - [Luck]

Press on! for in the grave there is no work and no device. Press on! while yet you may.
      - [Action]

She was the pride of her familiar sphere--the daily joy of all who on her gracefulness might gaze, and in the light and music of her way have a companion's portion.
      - [Grace]

Some noble spirits mistake despair for content.
      - [Despair]

Spring is a beautiful piece of work; and not to be in the country to see it done is the not realizing what glorious masters we are, and how cheerfully, minutely, and unflaggingly the fair fingers of the season broider the world for us.
      - [Spring]

'T is the work of many a dark hour, many a prayer, to bring the heart back from an infant gone.
      - [Sorrow]

Temptation hath a music for all ears.
      - [Temptation]

The children of the poor are so apt to look as if the rich would have been over-blest with such! Alas for the angel capabilities, interrupted so soon with care, and with after life so sadly unfulfilled.
      - [Children]

The ear in man and beast is an evidence of blood and high breeding.
      - [Ears]

The expressive word "quiet" defines the dress, manners, bow, and even physiognomy of every true denizen of St. James and Bond street.
      - [Refinement]

The innocence that feels no risk and is taught no caution is more vulnerable than guilt, and oftener assailed.
      - [Innocence]

The innumerable stars shining in order, like a living hymn written in light.
      - [Stars]

The Italians say that a beautiful woman by her smiles draws tears from our purse.
      - [Smiles]

The lily and the rose in her fair face striving for precedence.
      - [Blushes]

The night is made for tenderness,--so still that the low whisper, scarcely audible, is heard like music,--and so deeply pure that the fond thought is chastened as it springs and on the lip made holy.
      - [Night]

The perfect world, by Adam trod,
  Was the first temple--built by God--
    His fiat laid the corner stone,
      And heaved its pillars, one by one.
      - [Churches]

The rain is playing its soft pleasant tune fitfully on the skylight, and the shade of the fast-flying clouds across my book passed with delicate change.
      - [Rain]

The smallest pebble in the well of truth has its peculiar meaning, and will stand when man's best monuments have passed away.
      - [Truth]

The soul of man createth its own destiny of power; and as the trial is intenser here, his being hath a nobler strength in heaven.
      - [Man]

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