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English dramatist, writer and poet
(1674 - 1718)
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The brave do never shun the light;
  Just are their thoughts, and open are their tempers;
    Truly without disguise they love and hate;
      Still are they found in the fair face of day,
        And heav'n and men are judges of their actions.
      - [Candor]

The devious paths where wanton fancy leads.
      - [Fancy]

The joys of meeting pay the pags of absence,
  Else who could bear it?
      - [Absence]

The memory is a treasurer to whom we must give funds, if we would draw the assistance we need.
      - [Memory]

The narrow soul knows not the godlike glory of forgiving.
      - [Forgiveness]

The waiting tears stood ready for command, and now they flow to varnish the false tale.
      - [Tears]

The wise and active conquer difficulties
  By daring to attempt them: sloth and folly
    Shiver and shrink at sight of toil and hazard,
      And make the impossibility they fear.
      - [Courage : Difficulties]

'Tis all in vain, this rage that tears thy bosom!
  Like a bird that flutters in her cage,
    Thou beat'st thyself to death.
      - [Rage]

'Tis mercy! mercy!
  The mark of heav'n impress'd on human kind,
    Mercy, that glads the world, deals joy around;
      Mercy that smooths the dreadful brow of power,
        And makes dominion light; mercy that saves,
          Binds up the broken heart, and heals despair.
      - [Mercy]

'Tis not the stoic's lesson, got by rote,
  The pomp of words, and pedant dissertation,
    That can support thee in that hour of terror.
      Books have taught cowards to talk nobly of it;
        But when the trial comes, they start and stand aghast.
      - [Death]

Titles the servile courtier's lean reward.
      - [Titles]

Too many giddy, foolish hours are gone.
      - [Fools]

War! that in a moment
  Lay'st waste the noblest part of the creation,
    The boast and masterpiece of the great Maker,
      That wears in vain th' impression of his image,
        Unprivileged from thee!
      - [War]

What can I pay thee for this noble usage but grateful praise? So heaven itself is paid.
      - [Gratitude]

Women, like summer storms, awhile are cloudy,
  Burst out in thunder and impetuous showers:
    But straight the sun of beauty dawns abroad,
      And all the fair horizon is serene.
      - [Women]

At length the morn and cold indifference came.
      - Fair Penitent (act I, 1) [Morning]

And one false step entirely damns her fame.
  In vain with tears the loss she may deplore,
    In vain look back on what she was before;
      She sets like stars that fall, to rise no more.
      - Jane Shore (act I) [Women]

Think not the good,
  The gentle deeds of mercy thou hast done,
    Shall die forgotten all; the poor, the prisoner,
      The fatherless, the friendless, and the widow,
        Who daily owe the bounty of thy hand,
          Shall cry to Heaven, and pull a blessing on thee.
      - Jane Shore (act I, sc. 2, l. 173) [Mercy]

Your bounty is beyond my speaking;
  But though my mouth be dumb, my heart shall thank you.
      - Jane Shore (act II, sc. 1) [Thankfulness]

Yet Heav'n, that made me honest, made me more
  Than ever king did, when he made a lord.
      - Jane Shore (act II, sc. 1, l. 261)

Righteous Heaven,
  In thy great day of vengeance! Blast the traitor
    And his pernicious counsels, who, for wealth,
      For pow'r, the pride of greatness, or revenge,
        Would pledge his native land in civil wars.
      - Jane Shore (act III, sc. 1, l. 198) [War]

Midnight hags,
  By force of potent spells, of bloody characters,
    And conjurations horrible to hear,
      Call fiends and spectres from the yawning deep,
        And set the ministers of hell at work.
      - Jane Shore (act IV, sc. I, l. 240)

Thou hast prevariated with thy friend,
  By underhand contrivances undone me:
    And while my open nature trusted in thee,
      Thou hast stept in between me and my hopes,
        And ravish'd from me all my soul held dear.
          Thou hast betray'd me.
      - Lady Jane Grey (act II, sc. 1. 235)

When our old Pleasures die,
  Some new One still is nigh;
    Oh! fair Variety!
      - Ode for the New Year [Variety]

War, the needy bankrupt's last resort.
      - Pharsalia [War]

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