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Scottish essayist and philosopher
(1795 - 1881)
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The eye sees what it brings the power to see.
      - [Eyes]

The genuine essence of truth never dies.
      - [Truth]

The ghostly consciousness of wrong.
      - [Guilt]

The goal of yesterday will be our starting-point to-morrow.
      - [Proverbs]

The great law of culture is, Let each become all that he was created capable of being; expand, if possible, to his full growth; resisting all impediments, casting off all foreign, especially all noxious adhesions, and show himself at length in his own shape and stature be these what they may.
      - [Culture]

The great silent man! Looking round on the noisy inanity of the world,--words with little meaning, actions with little worth,--one loves to reflect on the great Empire of Silence.
      - [Silence]

The great soul of this world is just.
      - [Justice]

The greatest of all heroes is One--whom we do not name here! Let sacred silence meditate that sacred matter; you will find it the ultimate perfection of a principle extant throughout man's whole history on earth.
      - [Heroes]

The healthy know not of their health, but only the sick: this is the physician's aphorism, and applicable in a far wider sense than he gives it.
      - [Health]

The Highest Being reveals himself in man.
      - [Man]

The insignificant, the empty, is usually the loud; and after the manner of a drum, is louder even because of its emptiness.
      - [Blustering]

The latest gospel in this world is, know thy work and do it.
      - [Duty]

The leafy blossoming present time springs from the whole past, remembered and unrememberable.
      - [Remembrance]

The man who cannot laugh is not only fit for treasons, strategems, and spoils, but his whole life is already a treason and a strategem.
      - [Laughter]

The merit of originality is not novelty; it is sincerity. The believing man is the original man; whatsoever he believes, he believes it for himself, not for another.
      - [Originality]

The modern majesty consists in work. What a man can do is his greatest ornament, and he always consults his dignity by doing it.
      - [Work]

The mystical bond of brotherhood makes all men brothers.
      - [Brotherhood]

The nobleness of silence. The highest melody dwells only in silence,--the sphere melody, the melody of health.
      - [Silence]

The older I grow--and I now stand upon the brink of eternity--the more comes back to me that sentence in the Catechism which I learned when a child, and the fuller and deeper its meaning becomes, " What is the chief end of man? To glorify God and enjoy Him forever."
      - [Man]

The philosopher is he to whom the highest has descended, and the lowest has mounted up; who is the equal and kindly brother of all.
      - [Philosophy]

The press is the fourth estate of the realm.
      - [Journalism]

The scandalous bronze-lacquer age of hungry animalisms, spiritual impotences, and mendacities, will have to run its course, till the pit follow it.
      - [Vice]

The situation that has not its duty, its ideal, was never yet occupied by man. Yes, here, in this poor, miserable, hampered, despicable actual, wherein thou even now standest, here or nowhere is thy ideal; work it out therefrom, and, working, believe, live, be free. Fool! the ideal is in thyself.
      - [Ideality]

The station that has not its duty, its ideal, was never yet occupied by man. Yes, here in this poor, miserable, hampered, despicable actual, wherein thou even now standest,--here or nowhere is thy ideal; work it out therefrom; and working, believe, live, be free.
      - [Station]

The stifled hum of midnight, when traffic has lain down to rest, and the chariot wheels of Vanity, still rolling here and there through distant streets, are bearing her to halls roofed in and lighted to the due pitch for her; and only vice and misery, to prowl or to moan like night birds, are abroad.
      - [Midnight]

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