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Irish poet
(1779 - 1852)
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To write upon all is an author's sole chance
  For attaining, at last, the least knowledge of any.
      - Humorous and Satirical Poems--Literary Advertisement

To live with them is far less sweet,
  Than to remember thee!
      - I Saw Thy Form in Youthful Prime
        [Memory : Proverbs]

'Twas noon; and every orange bud
  Hung lanquid o'er the crystal flood,
    Faint as the lids of maiden eyes
      Beneath a lover's burning sighs!
      - I Stole Along the Flowery Bank [Oranges]

But soon, the prospect clearing,
  By cloudless starlight on he treads
    And thinks no lamp so cheering
      As that light which Heaven sheds.
      - I'd Mourn the Hopes [Stars]

If I were yonder orange-tree
  And thou the blossom blooming there,
    I would not yield a breath of thee
      To scent the most imploring air!
      - If I Were Yonder Wave, My Dear [Oranges]

If thou would'st have me sing and play
  As once I play'd and sung,
    First take this time-worn lute away,
      And bring one freshly strung.
      - If Thou Would'st Have Me Sing and Play

And when once the heart of a maiden is stolen,
  The maiden herself will steal after it soon.
      - Ill Omens [Heart]

A Persian's Heaven is eas'ly made,
  'Tis but black eyes and lemonade.
      - Intercepted Letters (letter VI) [Heaven]

Yes,--rather plunge me back in pagan night,
  And take my chance with Socrates for bliss,
    Than be the Christian of a faith like this,
      Which builds on heavenly cant its earthly sway,
        And in a convert mourns to lose a prey.
      - Intolerance (l. 68) [Christianity]

Eyes of most unholy blue!
      - Irish Melodies--By that Lake whose Gloomy Shore

Shall I ask the brave soldier, who fights by my side
  In the cause of mankind, if our creeds agree?
    Shall I give up the friend I have valued and tried,
      If he kneel not before the same altar with me?
        From the heretic girl of my soul should I fly,
          To seek somewhere else a more orthodox kiss?
            No! perish the hearts, and the laws that try
              Truth, valour, or love, by a standard like this!
      - Irish Melodies--Come Send Round the Wine

Rich and rare were the gems she wore,
  And a bright gold ring on her wand she bore.
      - Irish Melodies--Rich and Rare were the Gems She Wore
        [Gold : Jewels]

The moon looks
  On many brooks,
    The brook can see no moon but this.
      - Irish Melodies--While Gazing on the Moon's Light

Oh! ever thus, from childhood's hour,
  I've seen my fondest hopes decay;
    I never loved a tree or flower,
      But 'twas the first to fade away.
      - Lalla Rookh--Fire Worshippers [Hope]

Together kneeling, night and day,
  Thou, for my sake, at Allah's shrine,
    And I--at any God's for thine.
      - Lalla Rookh--Fire Worshippers
         (fourth division, l. 309) [Worship]

Just prophet, let the damn'd one dwell
  Full in the sight of Paradise,
    Beholding heaven and feeling hell.
      - Lalla Rookh--Fire Worshippers (l. 1,028)

How calm, how beautiful comes on
  The stilly hour, when storms are gone!
    When warring winds have died away,
      And clouds, beneath the glancing ray,
        Melt off, and leave the land and sea
          Sleeping in bright tranquillity.
      - Lalla Rookh--Fire Worshippers (st. 52)
        [Calmness : Peace : Proverbs]

One of those passing rainbow dreams,
  Half light, half shade, which fancy's beams
    Paint on the fleeting mists that roll,
      In trance or slumber, round the soul!
      - Lalla Rookh--Fire Worshippers (st. 54)

And the wind, full of wantonness, wooes like a lover
  The young aspen-trees till they tremble all over.
      - Lalla Rookh--Light of the Harem [Aspen]

Anemones and seas of gold,
  And new-blown lilies of the river,
    And those sweet flow'rets that unfold
      Their buds on Camadera's quiver.
      - Lalla Rookh--Light of the Harem [Flowers]

Our rocks are rough, but smiling there
  Th' acacia waves her yellow hair,
    Lonely and sweet, nor loved the less
      For flow'ring in a wilderness.
      - Lalla Rookh--Light of the Harem [Acacia]

The basil tuft, that waves
  Its fragrant blossom over graves.
      - Lalla Rookh--Light of the Harem
        [Basil : Herbs]

The humble rosemary
  Whose sweets so thanklessly are shed
    To scent the desert and the dead.
      - Lalla Rookh--Light of the Harem

The tuberose, with her silvery light,
  That in the gardens of Malay
    Is call'd the Mistress of the Night,
      So like a bride, scented and bright;
        She comes out when the sun's away.
      - Lalla Rookh--Light of the Harem [Tuberose]

There's a bliss beyond all that the minstrel has told,
  When two, that are link'd in one heavenly tie,
    With heart never changing, and brow never cold,
      Love on thro' all ills, and love on till they die.
      - Lalla Rookh--Light of the Harem

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