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American (English-born) political writer and free thinker
(1737 - 1809)
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It is not the nature of avarice to be satisfied with anything but money. Every passion that acts upon mankind has a peculiar mode of operation. Many of them are temporary and fluctuating; they admit of cessation and variety. But avarice is a fixed, uniform passion.
      - [Avarice]

It is with pious fraud as with a bad action; it begets a calamitous necessity of going on.
      - [Fraud]

Man must go back to nature for information.
      - [Nature]

Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice.
      - [Moderation]

Most other passions have their periods of fatigue and rest, their suffering and their cure; but obstinacy has no resource, and the first wound is mortal.
      - [Obstinacy]

Mutual fear is a principal link in the chain of mutual love.
      - [Fear]

My mind is my own church.
      - [Mind]

Mystery is the antagonist of truth. It is a fog of human invention, that obscures truth, and represents it in distortion.
      - [Mystery]

Oh, Washington! thou hero, patriot sage,
  Friend of all climes, and pride of every age!
      - [Washington, George]

One of the strongest natural proofs of the folly of hereditary right in kings is, that Nature disapproves it; otherwise she would not so frequently turn it into ridicule by giving mankind an ass in place of a lion.
      - [Kings]

Our country is the world, and my religion is to do good.
      - [Patriotism]

Prejudice, like the spider, makes everywhere its home. It has neither taste nor choice of place, and all that it requires is room. If the one prepares her food by poisoning it to her palate and her use, the other does the same. Prejudice may be denominated the spider of the mind.
      - [Prejudice]

Public credit is suspicion asleep.
      - [Credit]

Reason obeys itself; and ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it.
      - [Ignorance : Reason]

Reputation is what men and women think of us; character is what God and angels know of us.
      - [Reputation]

Society is produced by our wants and government by our wickedness.
      - [Society]

Suspicion and persecution are weeds of the same dunghill, and flourish best together.
      - [Suspicion]

Tears may soothe the wounds they cannot heal.
      - [Tears]

That in which every man is interested, is every man's duty to support; and any burden which falls equally on all men, and from which every man is to receive an equal benefit, is consistent with the most perfect ideas of liberty.
      - [Taxes]

The adulterous connection between church and state.
      - [Religion]

The animals to whom nature has given the faculty we call cunning know always when to use it, and use it wisely; but when man descends to cunning he blunders and betrays.
      - [Cunning]

The Christian religion is derogatory to the Creator in all its articles. It puts the Creator in an inferior point of view, and places the Christian devil above him. It is he, according to the absurd story in Genesis, that outwits the Creator in the Garden Eden, and steals from Him His favorite creature, man, and at last obliges Him to beget a son, and put that son to death, to get man back again; and this the priests of the Christian religion call redemption.
      - [Christianity]

The duty of man is not a wilderness of turnpike gates, through which he is to pass by tickets from one to the other. It is plain and simple, and consists but of two points--his duty God, which every man must feel; and, with respect to his neighbor, to do as he would be done by.
      - [Duty]

The more acquisitions the government makes abroad, the more taxes the people have to pay at home.
      - [Conquest]

The nearer any disease approaches to a crisis, the nearer it is to a cure. Danger and deliverance make their advances together; and it is only in the last push that one or the other takes the lead.
      - [Crisis]

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