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English poet
(1731 - 1800)
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Behind a frowning Providence
  He hides a smiling face.
      - Light Shining Out of Darkness [Providence]

What is there in the vale of life
  Half so delightful as a wife,
    When friendship, love, and peace combine
      To stamp the marriage-bond divine?
      - Love Abused [Wives]

But strive still to be a man before your mother.
      - Motto of No. III--Connoisseur [Man]

Some people are more nice than wise.
      - Mutual Forbearance [Wisdom]

Beware of desperate steps. The darkest day,
  Live till to-morrow, will have pass'd away.
      - Needless Alarm (l. 132) [Day : Proverbs]

A glory gilds the sacred page,
  Majestic like the sun,
    It gives a light to every age,
      It gives, but borrows none.
      - Olney Hymns (no. 30) [Scripture]

The man that hails you Tom or Jack,
  And proves by thumps upon your back
    How he esteems your merit,
      Is such a friend, that one had need
        Be very much his friend indeed
          To pardon or to bear it.
      - On Friendship (169) [Friends : Proverbs]

There goes the parson, oh illustrious spark!
  And there, scarce less illustrious, goes the clerk.
      - On Observing Some Names of Little Note

Toil for the brave!
  The brave that are no more.
      - On the Loss of the Royal George [Bravery]

Where tempests never beat nor billows roar.
      - On the Receipt of My Mother's Picture

Misses! the tale that I relate
  This lesson seems to carry--
    Choose not alone a proper mate,
      But proper time to marry.
      - Pairing Time Anticipated (Moral)

But they whom truth and wisdom lead
  Can gather honey from a weed.
      - Pine-Apple and Bee (l. 35) [Wisdom]

Man on the dubious waves of error toss'd.
      - Poem on Truth (l. 1) [Error]

He cannot drink five bottles, bilk the score,
  Then kill a constable, and drink five more;
    But he can draw a pattern, make a tart,
      And has ladies' etiquette by heart.
      - Progress of Error (l. 191) [Character]

Pleasure admitted in undue degree
  Enslaves the will, nor leaves the judgment free.
      - Progress of Error (l. 267) [Pleasure]

How much a dunce that has been sent to roam
  Excels a dunce that has been kept at home.
      - Progress of Error (l. 410)
        [Education : Proverbs]

How shall I speak thee, or thy power address
  Thou God of our idolatry, the Press.
    . . . .
      Like Eden's dead probationary tree,
        Knowledge of good and evil is from thee.
      - Progress of Error (l. 452) [Journalism]

No wild enthusiast ever yet could rest,
  Till half mankind were like himself possess'd.
      - Progress of Error (l. 470) [Enthusiasm]

Call'd to the temple of impure delight
  He that abstains, and he alone, does right.
    If a wish wander that way, call it home;
      He cannot long be safe whose wishes roam.
      - Progress of Error (l. 557) [Temperance]

An idler is a watch that wants both hands;
  As useless if it goes as when it stands.
      - Retirement [Idleness]

Prison'd in a parlour snug and small,
  Like bottled wasps upon a southern wall.
      - Retirement (l. 493) [Prison]

Anticipated rents, and bills unpaid,
  Force many a shining youth into the shade,
    Not to redeem his time, but his estate,
      And play the fool, but at the cheaper rate.
      - Retirement (l. 559) [Debt]

A business with an income at its heels.
      - Retirement (l. 614) [Business]

Absence of occupation is not rest,
  A mind quite vacant is a mind distress'd.
      - Retirement (l. 623) [Mind : Rest]

. . . Philologists, who chase
  A painting syllable through time and space
    Start it at home, and hunt it in the dark,
      To Gaul, to Greece, and into Noah's Ark.
      - Retirement (l. 691) [Linguists]

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