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English Quaker, colonizer and founder of Pennsylvania
(1644 - 1718)
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A man, like a watch, is to be valued for his manner of going.
      - [Conduct]

A true friend unbosoms freely, advises justly, assists readily, adventures boldly, takes all patiently, defends courageously, and continues a friend unchangeably.
      - [Friends]

A wise neuter joins with neither, but uses both, as his honest interest leads him.
      - [Neutrality]

Above all things endeavor to breed them up the love of virtue, and that holy plain way of it which we have lived in, that the world in no part of it get into my family. I had rather they we're homely than finely bred as to outward behavior; yet I love sweetness mixed with gravity, and cheerfulness tempered with sobriety.
      - [Children]

All excess is ill, but drunkenness is of the worst sort. It spoils health, dismounts the mind, and unmans men. It reveals secrets, is quarrelsome, lascivious, impudent, dangerous and bad.
      - [Drunkenness]

Always rise from the table with an appetite, and you will never sit down without one.
      - [Appetite]

And he that lives to live forever never fears dying.
      - [Life]

And yet we are very apt to be full of ourselves, instead of Him that made what we so much value, and but for whom we can have no reason to value ourselves. For we have nothing that we can call our own, no, not ourselves; for we are all but tenants, and at will too, of the great Lord of ourselves, and the rest of this great farm, the world that we live upon.
      - [Self-conceit]

Avoid flatterers, for they are thieves in disguise.
      - [Flattery]

Avoid popularity; it has many snares, and no real benefit.
      - [Popularity]

Be rather bountiful, than expensive.
      - [Liberality]

Be sure that religion cannot be right that a man is the worse for having.
      - [Religion]

Believe nothing against another, but on good authority; nor report what may hurt another, unless it be a greater hurt to another to conceal it.
      - [Slander]

Content not thyself that thou art virtuous in the general; for one link being wanting, the chain is defective.
      - [Virtue]

Do what good thou canst unknown, and be not vain of what ought rather to be felt than seen.
      - [Deeds]

Equivocation is half-way to lying, and lying the whole way to hell.
      - [Equivocation]

Excess in apparel is another costly folly. The very trimming of the vain world would clothe all the naked ones.
      - [Ostentation]

False-dealing travels a short road, and surely detected.
      - [Falsity]

Five things are requisite to a good officer--ability, clean hands, despatch, patience, and impartiality.
      - [Office]

For we put the power in the people.
      - [Power]

Frugality is good if liberality be joined with it. The first is leaving off superfluous expenses; the last is bestowing them to the benefit of others that need. The first without the last begets covetousness; the last without the first begets prodigality.
      - [Frugality]

God is better served in resisting a temptation to evil than in many formal prayers.
      - [Temptation]

Hasty resolutions are of the nature of vows, and to be equally avoided.
      - [Resolution]

He that does good for good's sake seeks neither paradise nor reward, but he is sure of both in the end.
      - [Goodness]

He that lives to forever, never fears dying.
      - [Death]

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