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English poet
(1770 - 1850)
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Wisdom is ofttimes nearer when we stoop
  Than when we soar.
      - The Excursion (bk. III, l. 232) [Wisdom]

Wrongs unredressed, or insults unavenged.
      - The Excursion (bk. III, l. 377) [Wrong]

And to tired limbs and over-busy thoughts,
  Inviting sleep and soft forgetfulness.
      - The Excursion (bk. IV) [Sleep]

There is a luxury in self-dispraise;
  And inward self-disparagement affords
    To meditative spleen a grateful feast.
      - The Excursion (bk. IV) [Self-examination]

Rapaciously we gathered flowery spoils
  From land and water; lilies of each hue,--
    Golden and white, that float upon the waves,
      And court the wind.
      - The Excursion (bk. IX, l. 540)
        [Water Lilies]

And often, glad no more,
  We wear a face of joy, because
    We have been glad of yore.
      - The Fountain [Joy]

My eyes are dim with childish tears,
  My heart is idly stirred,
    For the same sound is in my ears
      Which in those days I heard.
      - The Fountain [Sound]

Thus fares it still in our decay,
  And yet the wiser mind
    Mourns less for what age takes away
      Than what it leaves behind.
      - The Fountain (st. 9) [Age]

Hail to thee, far above the rest
  In joy of voice and pinion!
    Thou, linnet! in thy green array,
      Presiding spirit here to-day,
        Dost lead the revels of the May;
          And this is thy dominion.
      - The Green Linnet [Linnets]

The streams with softest sound flowing,
  The grass you almost hear it growing,
    You hear it now, if e'er you can.
      - The Idiot Boy (st. 57) [Nature]

The bane of all that dread the Devil!
      - The Idiot Boy (st. 67) [Devil]

A remnant of uneasy light.
      - The Matron of Jedborough, and Her Husband

And he is oft the wisest man
  Who is not wise at all.
      - The Oak and the Broom [Wisdom]

Men who can hear the Decalogue and fell
  No self-reproach.
      - The Old Cumberland Beggar (l. 136)

As in the eye of Nature he has lived,
  So in the eye of Nature let him die!
      - The Old Cumberland Beggar (last lines)

Drink, pretty creature, drink!
      - The Pet Lamb [Drinking]

The marble index of a mind forever
  Voyaging through strange seas of thought, alone.
      - The Prelude (bk. III) [Sculpture]

Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive,
  But to be young was very Heaven!
      - The Prelude (bk. XI) [Youth]

There is
  One great society along on earth:
    The noble Living and the noble Dead.
      - The Prelude (bk. XI) [Society]

Art thou the bird whom Man loves best,
  The pious bird with the scarlet breast,
    Our little English Robin;
      The bird that comes about our doors
        When autumn winds are sobbing?
      - The Redbreast Chasing the Butterfly

There bloomed the strawberry of the wilderness;
  The trembling eyebright showed her sapphire blue,
    The thyme her purple, like the blush of Even;
      And if the breath of some to no caress
        Invited, forth they peeped so fair to view,
          All kinds alike seemed favourites of Heaven.
      - The River Duddon--Flowers (VI) [Flowers]

To be a Prodigal's favourite,--then worse truth,
  A Miser's Pensioner,--behold our lot!
      - The Small Celandine [Destiny]

For old, unhappy, far-off things,
  And battles long ago.
      - The Solitary Reaper [Past]

Some natural sorrow, loss, or pain,
  That has been and may be again.
      - The Solitary Reaper [Sorrow]

The music in my heart I bore,
  Long after it was heard no more.
      - The Solitary Reaper [Music]

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