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The ink of the scholar is more sacred than the blood of the martyr.
      - Mohammed (Mahomet), Tribute to Reason

To write upon all is an author's sole chance
  For attaining, at last, the least knowledge of any.
      - Thomas Moore,
        Humorous and Satirical Poems--Literary Advertisement

Nature I believe in. True art aims to, represent men and women, not as my little self would have them, but as they appear. My heroes and heroines I want not extreme types, all good or all bad; but human, mortal--partly good, partly bad. Realism I need. Pure mental abstractions have no significance for me.
      - Ouida (pseudonym of Marie Louise de la Ramee)

This letter gives me a tongue; and were I not allowed to write, I should be dumb.
  [Lat., Praebet mihi littera linguam:
    Et, si non liceat scribere, mutus ero.]
      - Ovid (Publius Ovidius Naso),
        Epistoloe Ex Ponto (II, 6, 3)

Writings survive the years; it is by writings that you know Agamemnon, and those who fought for or against him.
  [Lat., Scripta ferunt annos; scriptis Agamemnona nosti,
    Et quisquis contra vel simul arma tulit.]
      - Ovid (Publius Ovidius Naso),
        Epistoloe Ex Ponto (IV, 8, 51)

I believe that a man may write himself out of reputation when nobody else can do it.
      - Thomas Paine

The wonderful fortune of some writers deludes and leads to misery a great number of young people. It cannot be too often repeated that it is dangerous to enter upon a career of letters without some other means of living. An illustrious author has said in these times, "Literature must not be leant on as upon a crutch; it is little more than a stick."
      - Jean-Antoine Petit-Senn

Authors, like coins, grow dear as they grow old;
  It is the rust we value, not the gold.
      - Alexander Pope

From the moment one sets up for an author, one must be treated as ceremoniously, that is as unfaithfully, "as a king's favorite or a king."
      - Alexander Pope

Authors are partial to their wit, 'tis true
  But are not critics to their judgment too?
      - Alexander Pope, Essay of Criticism (l. 17)

True ease in writing comes from art, not chance,
  As those move easiest who have learn'd to dance.
      - Alexander Pope, Essay of Criticism
         (l. 362),
        also Epistles of Horace at II, 178

'Tis hard to say if greater want of skill
  Appear in writing or in judging ill;
    But, of the two less dang'rous is th' offence
      To tire our patience than mislead our sense.
      - Alexander Pope, Essay on Criticism (l. 1)

In every work regard the writer's End,
  Since none can compass more than they intend;
    And if the means be just, the conduct true,
      Applause, in spite of trivial faults, is due.
      - Alexander Pope, Essay on Criticism
         (pt. II, l. 255)

Why did I write? what sin to me unknown
  Dipt me in ink, my parent', or my own?
    As yet a child, not yet a fool to fame,
      I lisp'd in number, for the numbers came.
      - Alexander Pope, Prologue to Satires
         (l. 125)

E'en copious Dryden wanted, or forgot,
  The last and greatest art--the art to blot.
      - Alexander Pope, Second Book of Horace
         (ep. I, l. 280)

It is the rust we value, not the gold;
  Authors, like coins, grow dear as they grow old.
      - Alexander Pope, Second Book of Horace
         (ep. I, l. 35)

Whether the darken'd room to muse invite,
  Or whiten'd wall provoke the skew'r to write;
    In durance, exite, Bedlam, or the Mint,
      Like Lee or Budgel I will rhyme and print.
      - Alexander Pope, Second Book of Horace
         (satire I, l. 97)

Dr. Johnson has said that the chief glory of a country arises from its authors. But then that is only as they are oracles of wisdom; unless they teach virtue, they are more worthy of a halter than of the laurel.
      - Jane Porter

'Tis not how well an author says,
  But 'tis how much, that gathers praise.
      - Matthew Prior,
        Epistle to Fleetwood Shepherd

Let him be kept from paper, pen, and ink;
  So may he cease to write, and learn to think.
      - Matthew Prior,
        To a Person who Wrote Ill--On Same Person

Herder and Schiller both in their youth intended to study as surgeons; but Destiny said, "No, there are deeper wounds than those of the body,--heal the deeper!" and they wrote.
      - Jean Paul Friedrich Richter (Johann Paul Richter) (used ps. Jean Paul)

Never write on a subject without having first read yourself full on it; and never read on a subject till you have thought yourself hungry on it.
      - Jean Paul Friedrich Richter (Johann Paul Richter) (used ps. Jean Paul)

The book that a person is beginning to create or design contains within itself half a life, and God only knows what an expanse of futurity also.
      - Jean Paul Friedrich Richter (Johann Paul Richter) (used ps. Jean Paul)

As though I lived to write, and wrote to live.
      - Samuel Rogers, Italy--A Character (l. 16)

They have the texts on their side, but I pity the texts.
  [Fr., Ils ont les textes pour eux, mais j'en suis fache pour les textes.]
      - Pierre Paul Royer-Collard,
        against the opinions of the Jansenists of Port Royal on grace

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