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The Church limits her sacramental services to the faithful. Christ gave Himself upon the cross a ransom for all.
      - Blaise Pascal

Take up the cross if thou the crown would'st gain.
  [Lat., Tolle crucem, qui vis auferre coronam.]
      - Saint Pontius Meropius Paulinus

Christianity is a battle, not a dream.
      - Wendell Phillips

Yet still a sad, good Christian at the heart.
      - Alexander Pope, Moral Essay
         (ep. II, l. 68)

Christianity is more than history; it is also a system of truths. Every event which its history records, either is a truth, or suggests a truth, or expresses a truth which man needs to assent to or to put into practice.
      - Noah Porter

There is no inevitable connection between Christianity and cynicism. Truth is not a salad, is it, that you must always dress it with vinegar?
      - William Morley Punshon

You are Christians of the best edition, all picked and culled.
      - Francois Rabelais, Works (bk. IV, ch. L)

Read a work on the "Evidences of Christianity," and it may become highly probable that Christianity, etc., are true. This is an opinion. Feel God. Do His will, till the Absolute Imperative within you speaks as with a living voice, "Thou shalt, and thou shalt not;" and then you do not think, you know that there is a God.
      - Frederick William Robertson

Christianity is the only true and perfect religion, and in proportion as mankind adopt its principles and obey its precepts, they will be wise and happy. And a better knowledge of this religion is to be acquired by reading the Bible than in any other way.
      - Benjamin Rush

Christian faith is a grand cathedral, with divinely pictured windows. Standing without you see no glory, nor can possibly imagine any. Nothing is visible but the merest outline of dusky shapes. Standing within all is clear and defined; every ray of light reveals an army of unspeakable splendors.
      - John Ruskin

The whole of Christianity is comprised in three things--to believe, to love, and to obey Jesus. These are things, however, which we must be learning all our life.
      - Christian Scriver (used pseudonym Gotthold)

Christianity has found its triumphs and shown its fruits in every nation and tribe upon the globe; and its results have been in every case the same. Virtue, social order, prosperity, blessedness, the elevation and improvement, in all respects, of the human life, are the uniform and exclusive inheritance of those who receive the Gospel.
      - Julius Hawley Seelye

There is no social life outside of Christendom.
      - William Henry Seward

Take her, fair son, and from her blood raise up
  Issue to me, that the contending kingdoms
    Of France and England, whose very shores look pale
      With envy of each other's happiness,
        May cease their hatred, and this dear conjunction
          Plant neighborhood and Christian-like accord
            In their sweet bosoms, that never war advance
              His bleeding sword 'twixt England and fair France.
      - William Shakespeare,
        The Life of King Henry the Fifth
         (Isabel, Queen of France at V, ii)

O father Abram, what these Christians are,
  Whose own hard dealings teaches them suspect
    The thoughts of others!
      - William Shakespeare,
        The Merchant of Venice
         (Shylock at I, iii)

The Hebrew will turn Christian; he grows kind.
      - William Shakespeare,
        The Merchant of Venice
         (Antonio at I, iii)

O Lorenzo,
  If thou keep promise, I shall end this strife,
    Become a Christian and thy loving wife!
      - William Shakespeare,
        The Merchant of Venice
         (Jessica at II, iii)

I never heard a passion so confused,
  So strange, outrageous, and so variable
    As the dog Jew did utter in the streets:
      'My daughter! O my ducats! O my daughter!
        Fled with a Christian! O my Christian ducats!'
      - William Shakespeare,
        The Merchant of Venice
         (Solanio at II, viii)

He tells me flatly there's no mercy for me in heaven because I am a Jew's daughter; and he says you are no good member of the commonwealth, for in converting Jews to Christians you raise the price of pork.
      - William Shakespeare,
        The Merchant of Venice
         (Jessica at III, v)

This making of Christians will raise the price of hogs; if we grow all to be pork-eaters, we shall not shortly have a rasher on the coals for money.
      - William Shakespeare,
        The Merchant of Venice
         (Launcelot at III, v)

It is spoke as a Christians ought to speak.
      - William Shakespeare,
        The Merry Wives of Windsor
         (Evans at I, i)

A virtuous and a Christianlike conclusion--
  To pray for them that have done scathe to us.
      - William Shakespeare,
        The Tragedy of King Richard the Third
         (Rivers at I, iii)

Methinks sometimes I have no more wit than a Christian or an ordinary man has.
      - William Shakespeare,
        Twelfth Night, or, What You Will
         (Andrew at I, iii)

Christianity might be a good thing if anyone ever tried it.
      - George Bernard Shaw

Jesus died for somebody's sins, but not mine.
      - Patti Smith

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