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[ Also see Abuse Animal Cruelty Brutes Clemency Gentleness Humanity Inhumanity Injury Insolence Kindness Malice Meanness Mercy Oppression Pain Persecution Pity Punishment Retaliation Revenge Tenderness Tyranny Unkindness Violence War Wounds Wrong ]

-----those whose cruelty makes many mourn
  Do by the fires, which they first kindle, burn.
      - William Alexander, Earl of Stirling

Cruelty and fear shake hands together.
      - Honore de Balzac

Women? In order to realize how far these charming creatures we idealize can carry their cruelty, we must see them among themselves!
      - Honore de Balzac

Man's inhumanity to man
  Makes countless thousands mourn!
      - Robert Burns, Man Was Made to Mourn

All just laws condemn cruelty.
      - Pedro Calderon de la Barca

O poor mortals, how ye make this earth bitter for each other.
      - Thomas Carlyle

It is cruelty to be humane to rebels, and humanity is cruelty.
  [Fr., Contre les rebelles c'est cruante que d'estre humain, et humanite d'estre cruel.]
      - attributed to Charles IX

Detested sport,
  That owes its pleasures to another's pain.
      - William Cowper, Task (bk. III, l. 326)

A good thing can't be cruel.
      - Charles Dickens

Cruelty, like every, other vice, requires no motive outside of itself; it only requires opportunity.
      - George Eliot (pseudonym of Mary Ann Evans Cross)

Cruelty is the law pervading all nature and society; and we can't get out of it if we would.
      - Thomas Hardy

It is not linen you're wearing out,
  But human creatures' lives.
      - Thomas Hood, Song of the Shirt

Even bear-baiting was esteemed heathenish and unchristian: the sport of it, not the inhumanity, gave offence.
      - Alexander Hume (Home), History of England
         (vol. I, ch. LXII)

Cruelty is a part of nature, at least of human nature, but it is the one thing that seems unnatural to us.
      - Robinson Jeffers

An infallible characteristic of meanness is cruelty.
      - Samuel Johnson (a/k/a Dr. Johnson) ("The Great Cham of Literature")

Cruelty is the highest pleasure to the cruel man; it is his love.
      - Walter Savage Landor

Cruelty, if we consider it as a crime, is the greatest of all; if we consider it as a madness, we are equally justifiable in applying to it the readiest and the surest means of oppression.
      - Walter Savage Landor

The cruelty of the effeminate is more dreadful than that or the hardy.
      - Johann Kaspar Lavater (John Caspar Lavater)

An angel with a trumpet said,
  "Forever more, forever more,
    The reign of violence is o'er!"
      - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow,
        The Occultation of Orion (st. 6)

I would love to see the grimace he [Marquis de Cinq-Mars] is now making on the scaffold.
  [Fr., Je voudrais bien voir la grimace qu'il fait a cette heure sur cet echafaud.]
      - Louis XIII,
        see "Historie de Louis XIII", IV, p. 416

He rejoices to have made his way by ruin of others.
  [Lat., Gaudensque viam fecisse ruina.]
      - Lucanus (Marcus Annaeus Lucan), Pharsalia
         (I, 150)

The Puritan hated bear-baiting, not because it gave pain to the bear, but because it gave pleasure to the spectators.
      - Thomas Babington Macaulay,
        History of England (vol. I, ch. II)

The man who prates about the cruelty of angling will be found invariably to beat his wife.
      - Christopher North (pseudonym of John Wilson (2))

When cruelty is inflicted on innocent people, it discredits whatever cause.
      - Ronald Reagan

All cruelty springs from weakness.
      - Seneca (Lucius Annaeus Seneca)

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