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Falsehood and fraud shoot up in every soil
  The product of all climes.
      - Joseph Addison

Money and man a mutual falsehood show,
  Men make false money, money makes men so.
      - Aleyn

All that one gains by falsehood is, not to be believed when he speaks the truth.
      - Aristotle

Round dealing is the honor of man's nature; and a mixture of falsehood is like alloy in gold and silver, which may make the metal work the better, but it embaseth it.
      - Francis Bacon

Falsehood is cowardice.
      - Hosea Ballou

Not the least misfortune in a prominent falsehood is the fact that tradition is apt to repeat it for truth.
      - Hosea Ballou

All genuinely noble women prefer truth to falsehood. As the Russians with their Czar, they are unwilling to see their idol degraded; they want to be proud of the domination they accept.
      - Honore de Balzac

Falsehood and death are synonymous.
      - George Bancroft

There is no such thing as white lies; a lie is as black as a coal-pit, and twice as foul.
      - Henry Ward Beecher

A lie should be trampled on and extinguished wherever found. I am for fumigating the atmosphere when I suspect that falsehood, like pestilence, breathes around me.
      - Thomas Carlyle

False modesty is the most decent of all falsehoods.
      - Sebastien-Roch-Nicolas de Chamfort

Cottages have them (falsehood and dissimulation) as well as courts, only with worse manners.
      - 4th Earl of Chesterfield, Philip Dormer Stanhope

Falsehood is fire in stubble; it likewise turns all the light stuff around it into its own substance for a moment, one crackling blazing moment, and then dies; and all its converts are scattered in the wind, without place or evidence of their existence, as viewless as the wind which scatters them.
      - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The first great requisite is absolute sincerity. Falsehood and disguise are miseries and misery-makers.
      - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Falsehood is never so successful as when she baits her hook with truth, and no opinions so fatally mislead us as those that are not wholly wrong, as no watches so effectually deceive the wearer as those that are sometimes right.
      - Charles Caleb Colton

Falsehood, like a drawing in perspective, will not bear to be examined in every point of view, because it is a good imitation of truth, as a perspective is of the reality, only in one. But truth, like that reality of which the perspective is the representation, will bear to be scrutinized in all points of view, and though examined under every situation, is one and the same.
      - Charles Caleb Colton

Falsehood is invariably the child of fear in one form or another.
      - Aleister Crowley

There is often seen this anomaly in women, especially in those of childish natures,--that they possess at once great promptness and unskilfulness in falsehood.
      - Alphonse Daudet

Falsehood is so easy, truth so difficult.
      - George Eliot (pseudonym of Mary Ann Evans Cross)

Woe to falsehood! it affords no relief to the breast, like truth; it gives us no comfort, pains him who forges it, and like an arrow directed by a god flies back and wounds the archer.
      - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Wisdom and truth, the offspring of the sky, are immortal; while cunning and deception, the meteors of the earth, after glittering for a moment, must pass away.
      - Robert Hall

Let falsehood be a stranger to thy lips;
  Shame on the policy that first began
    To tamper with the heart to hide its thoughts!
      And doubly shame on that inglorious tongue,
        That sold its honesty and told a lie.
      - William Havard

Habitual liars invent falsehoods not to gain any end or even to deceive their hearers, but to amuse themselves. It is partly practice and partly habit. It requires an effort in them to speak truth.
      - William Hazlitt (1)

Nothing gives such a blow to friendship as the detecting another in an untruth. It strikes at the root of our confidence ever after.
      - William Hazlitt (1)

There is a set of harmless liars, frequently to be met with in company, who deal much in the marvellous. Their usual intention is to please and entertain; but as men are most delighted with what they conceive to be the truth, these people mistake the means of pleasing, and incur universal blame.
      - David Hume

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